One-Pot Cooking- A New Cook Book

If you’ve been reading my blogs and recipes you know I’m a no fuss cook, so when I saw a book titled One-pot Cooking how could I possibly resist? Along with the book came a copy of the March issue of Super Food Ideas magazine, which has been around for over 10 years and has a wide readership. I admit I didn’t even know it existed. But the Mexican Chicken Bake on the cover is enough to make me think it will be good too. As a bonus to Super Foods Ideas One-pot Cooking which tells me it has ‘ … Continue reading

Free Cookbooks and Recipes

Are you ready to start cooking more from scratch? It will save you a lot of money over the coursed of a year if you can make your meals at home. Embracing cooking at home is wonderful, exciting and maybe even a little overwhelming. Do you just want to run our an buy up a bunch of new cookbooks? Well, you could do that and still save money by not eating out on one or two occasions, but wouldn’t it be better to take advantage of getting free cookbooks and recipes. Here are my favorite sources. Free cookbooks from manufacturers … Continue reading

Saving Money With Cookbooks

Cookbooks are a handy accessory in the kitchen, and they can make meal planning a much more pleasant experience. In addition, nobody in the family will get tired of eating the same old thing day after day. But how can cookbooks really save you money in the long run? Here are a few ideas. First of all, limit the number of cookbooks you purchase. It is ridiculous to own 10 different cookbooks if there is only one or two recipes in each cookbook that you actually use. Unless the cookbooks were hand me downs, there isn’t a cookbook worth its … Continue reading

I Love Coffee! – Susan Zimmer

I Love Coffee! by Susan Zimmer is such a fun book. You’ll learn all about the history of coffee, how to make a perfect cup, and find recipes for over 100 specialty coffee drinks! Best of all, the recipes seem fairly easy. The first part of this book is devoted to learning about coffee. It covers all kinds of things I never knew about the different types of coffee beans, the countries that grow coffee, and how it is harvested and processed. There are even directions for roasting your own coffee beans. You’ll also find guidelines for choosing, grinding, blending … Continue reading

Scrapbooking Your Favorite Recipe

Cookbooks fascinate me. Mostly the type that have beautiful full color photographs offsetting a delicious, mouth-watering recipe. I’ve discussed creating a cookbook with your scrapbooking supplies before. Did you listen? A couple of months back my mother’s art class decided to put together a cookbook using their beautiful painting techniques. My mother didn’t want to take the time to paint her page, and I have absolutely no painting skills. She asked me if I would scrapbook the recipe she wanted to do and hand over a page. She wanted two pages. One real clean and simple that she could add … Continue reading

Thanksgiving 101 – Rick Rodgers

When my husband and I were first married, we often went out to eat with friends on Thanksgiving. It made for a relaxing day. But once we had children I wanted more for them than that. Thanksgiving seemed like a great day for family traditions and bonding. The trouble was that the thought of making an actual Thanksgiving dinner was so intimating. I’d helped with Thanksgiving, and had brought things to contribute, but wasn’t sure I could pull off the entire meal. Particularly when I found out we had guests coming. Thanksgiving 101 by Rick Rodgers gave me the confidence … Continue reading

Cook Books with More Meat

When is a cookbook more than a cookbook? Come with me and let’s find out. In recent release “Cooking with the Bible,” authors Anthony Chiffolo and Rayner Hesse Jr. outline meals they feel would have been served in Biblical times, based on scriptural references and also on their own research into the region and the times. According to the Reader’s Digest, the duo spent over three years researching and experimenting to come up with dishes that would be just right, but because of the scarcity and rarity of some of the ingredients, substitutions were made to suit what is available … Continue reading

12 Free Cookbooks by Mail!

As winter sets in and is filled with days indoors, I love to make my home warm and inviting with the yummy smells of cooking. Cooking at home is a very frugal thing to do, especially when it is done with ingredients you already have on hand. For example, I had a very large stockpile of condensed milk that I needed to rotate. I was tired of of the same old recipes and was racking my brain for something new. Thanks to one of these cookbooks, though, I made up some pound cake that was just right. I would have … Continue reading

Food Storage: Remember Good Cookbooks

One essential item to include in your food storage is a good cookbook. Actually you may want several. You will be doing a lot of cooking from scratch as you utilize your food storage. You will also want the opportunity to try new recipes. Many of the cookbooks that you buy today rely heavily on already prepared foods. You can save money by using the old fashioned cookbooks. Old-fashioned cookbooks are still available, but many have come out with new editions that have been updated for the convenience food and time factor. You may have a hard time finding a … Continue reading

The Complete Middle East Cookbook

The Complete Middle East Cookbook Okay, so technically food isn’t an Islamic subject. However, our families have to eat and our tastes in food are often deeply ingrained in us. Many American Muslim women are married to men from far away lands. Whether they mention it or not, most desperately miss the foods they grew up with. Even if your husband would never dream of asking you to learn a whole new style of cooking, trust me when I tell you he would be eternally grateful! If your spouse is from the Middle East, you must get The Complete Middle … Continue reading