Be More Compassionate at Work

People who are under a great deal of stress tend to forget to be nice to their coworkers. This is a very human reaction to being tense, overwhelmed, or scared about the future. One way to make your workplace less awful is to be more compassionate at work. If you really don’t feel like it – then it is even more important that you rediscover your compassion. Times are tough. You and your coworkers might be struggling to finish a big project in the days before its deadline. There might be quotas that each worker must achieve. Someone calls in … Continue reading

Brain Fitness – Defensive Pessimism

I ran across the phrase defensive pessimism in a magazine recently and as I read the description of it, I found myself staring at it and being amazed. You see, because the description I read – was myself to a tee. When confronted with a crisis, we often talk about looking at the worst possible outcome. In defensive pessimism, you take looking at the worst possible outcome a step further. You examine every detail of what could go wrong and how you would in turn respond to it. Two weeks ago, my husband went into the hospital in extreme pain … Continue reading