Is Scraplifting Really Alright?

One of the questions, I am posed most often, when I am teaching a scrapbook class or workshop, seems to be “Is scraplifting really okay to do?”. While many scrapbookers have formed their own ideas and opinions regarding scraplifting, some are still pondering that question. So here is my opinion on scraplifting. Scraplifting: The act of copying another scrapbookers ideas and designs to use in your own scrapbook albums and layouts. Partial ideas or whole ideas can be “lifted”, and all are considered scraplifting, though the definition for some is subjective. Why do some people scraplift? The main reason people … Continue reading

The Parents’ Example

The other day, my ten-year-old daughter was waxing philosophical. “The apple never falls far from the tree,” she said, a look of wisdom on her face. “I’m a lot like you, and Benjamin is a lot like Dad. So, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.” She mused for a moment. “Unless there’s a tornado while the apple is falling.” I started to laugh, of course – how could I not? But she makes a good point. What children see the parent do, they will do. How many times have you sworn or gossiped within your child’s earshot to … Continue reading