Teens Are Getting Frugal

Being frugal is a good thing, no matter what your age. But teens can have a hard time of it, just because of all of the peer pressure to fit in, be cool and have the best “stuff.” With sweet 16 parties costing more than weddings, and celebrity idols sporting seasonal accessories that cost more than a small house, it can be hard for a teen to save money. Teen spending is usually the last to go in a tough economy. Teens have more disposable income, thanks to money given by parents and part time jobs that yield income without … Continue reading

Scrapbook Trends Magazine – The Details

This is one unique scrapbooking magazine put out by Northridge Media and has quickly become a popular choice for many scrapbookers. The entire Northridge Media group of magazines has gained an immense following in the past year within the scrapbooking and paper crafts industry. There are now four magazines – Scrapbook Trends, Paper Trends, Cards and Bead Trends. Scrapbooking Trends is an amazing, full color magazine on high quality thick magazine paper and honestly pulls its image off as more of an idea book even though it is published monthly. This is the same circumstances surrounding Cards and Paper Trends … Continue reading

Too Big of a Price Increase

Price increases can be an extremely touchy subject in many businesses—small or otherwise. While they are inevitable and you will likely have to wrestle with how and when and what to do regarding a price raise at some point or another, figuring out how best to go about it can be tough. One thing to be extremely careful of, however, is too large of a leap or too big of a price increase. I have recently been working with an organization that raised prices on a certain service by 150% in the course of one month. Something that had cost … Continue reading

iPhone Service Plans Announced

Just today, Apple and AT&T announced the service plans that will be available for the iPhone. This is good news to many who at first weren’t sure if they would even been given the pricing for the iPhone plans before the launch date. In yesterday’s article, What Will that iPhone Cost You, I mentioned this dilemma as well as the announcement that AT&T would be making their pricing available before the iPhone launch. Customers will need to choose from one of these plans and sign up in order to purchase an iPhone. The sign up will require a two-year commitment, … Continue reading

You Really, Really, Don’t Need Money to Homeschool

Some time ago, I wrote about the costs of homeschooling for frugal, median range, and high-end homeschoolers. I want to follow that up by reiterating that you really, really, really do not need money to homeschool. This post is in response to a video I came across on the net where a woman was saying that homeschooling is unfair to lower income people because they cannot afford to homeschool too. Therefore, no one should homeschool. ((((Pregnant pause)))) Now that we have gotten over the shock of that statement, let us get to the problem at hand… well one of the … Continue reading

How Much Did Groceries Cost in the 1980s?

I grew up in the 1980s, so I remember perming and teasing my hair, wearing rubber bracelets and neon belts and the birth of hole-y jeans. What I don’t remember is how much groceries cost. I was, after all a teenager, obsessed with myself, my friends and the price of a movie or the latest record or cassette. Wasn’t it the “me” era, anyway? Now that I am an adult, a wife and a mom, I am more obsessed with our budget. I have all sorts of grocery prices in my head, from the cost of bread to how often … Continue reading

How Much Did You Pay for Milk Last Year?

Milk prices seem to be going up in states all across the nation. In 2006, states such as Pennsylvania, California and New York announced or proposed price increases. So how much did you actually pay for your milk? Federal milk order market administrators collected data on milk price information for selected cities each month. They also averaged the milk prices for these selected cities to report on average prices for the year. The administrators used the most common brand based on shelf space and did not include prices for milk on sale, milk purchased with coupons or any other milk … Continue reading

A New Exit Option–Could It Help Keep Airfares Down?

How many times have you had your patience tested when exiting an airplane? Perhaps, you are trying to quickly de-plane in an effort to catch a connecting flight, only to be thwarted by a fellow traveler who wants to regal you with his vacation stories while moving at a snails pace to retrieve his carry-on, get down the aisle and out the door. Sound familiar? If it does, and as a result, you have wished airlines would consider offering another exit option you could be in luck. In an effort to get passengers on and off their flights faster, several … Continue reading

Are You a Frugal Fanatic?

Really frugal people do some things to save money that the rest of society would NEVER want to do. Ask yourself some of these questions and see if you have what it takes to be a frugal fanatic: Do you hang most of your laundry? Really frugal folk use clothes dryers only when extremely necessary. Instead, they prefer to let sunshine do the work for free. The average family would save about $30 in electricity costs every month by hanging their clothes. Do you reuse everything? If you are a frugal fanatic, you have a stash of all sorts of … Continue reading

Funding Your Adoption – Getting Started

When starting to think about international adoption, the first thing most people ask is, “What does it cost?” The answer is staggering – costs range from $20,000 – $40,000 depending on the country and the situation. Many people hear this and then they decide that they can’t adopt. You have read this far, though, and maybe you have this glimmer of hope that perhaps you really can adopt, even if you aren’t due to inherit the Gates fortune. The truth is that families adopt every day. Normal families with moderate incomes have adopted and many plan to do it again. … Continue reading