Two by Two

The other night we went over a friend’s house for a party.  I was wondering where we’d all park, because there are 18 people coming, and I didn’t think many of us would carpool.  “We’re all going to be coming two by two,” I said.  I made myself laugh, but it’s true.  When you run in married circles, people tend to go places two by two. I already covered how I resent the idea that Jon and I are attached at the hip.  The group of friends I saw is the same from quiz night.  Most of us go to … Continue reading

Should Gay Couples Adopt?

Even though my news alert folder has been filled with stories about this, I was not planning to write about it. I like to write about things that touch my heart in some way. I like to write about things that I can relate to a story from my past or something I’ve seen or read. I don’t want to go out of my way to be provocative and controversial. What is the controversial issue that I am so loath to cover, you might ask? Gay couples not being allowed to adopt. I’ve been getting stories from all over the … Continue reading

Why Do People Think of Marriage as Hard Work?

Or another way of looking at it is: why do people expect marriage should be easy? I’ve been thinking about this a lot the last few days. It started the other day when I was in the checkout lane at Target and couldn’t help but overhear the conversation behind me. It was between a mother and daughter. I don’t remember what sparked it, but at one point the daughter said, “I don’t even know if I will get married. I’m not sure I want the hassle.” To which the mom said, “Good for you. Question it. If I had it … Continue reading

‘Tis the Season for Fighting

While Hallmark and Kay Jewelers commercials may try and lead us to believe this is a season of receiving romantic gifts and creating peaceful memories, anyone involved in a real-life relationship knows this can be a season for anything but blissful moments. The holidays add stress. There are extra errands to run, gifts to buy, parties to attend, and schedules to shuffle. Yes, amidst the chaos there are happy times or else no one would sign up for the seasonal celebrations year after year, but there’s also the potential for plenty of chaos and short fuses –and I don’t just … Continue reading

The Newlywed and Not-So-Newlywed Game

When Wayne and I took our cruise, one of the activities was the Newlywed and Not-So-Newlywed game. Three lucky couples got to play. (The rest of us in the audience got to play along in our seats.) Picking Couples The first to be chosen were the newlyweds. They looked for the most recently married couple on the ship. Of those in the audience to pick from, it came down to two who were married the weekend before the ship set sail. Since they were both married on the same day, it then came down to the hour they were married. … Continue reading

Taking Vacations with Other Couples

Have you ever taken a vacation with another couple? Wayne and I have a couple of times. (And have talked about doing so with other friends but haven’t because we haven’t been able to coordinate schedules.) However, those times we did venture off with friends, we’ve had fun. After working out some kinks… Know What to Expect No, you can’t plan for every contingency. You have to leave room for spontaneity. Or, at least we like to. Some people do prefer to have a strict schedule laid out that they adhere to without exception. But that’s what I’m getting at. … Continue reading

The Older Couple at Church

When my mom was living with us, Wayne and I made it a point to take her to church on Sundays. She was Catholic, we’re not, but the Sunday after she died, we made a point of going to her church anyway. It was part of our own private memorial to her. We arrived a little early and took a seat in one of the back pews where we’d sit with my mom. I immediately started looking for them –the older couple Wayne had spotted the first Sunday we’d gone with my mom. “Aren’t they cute?” he’d leaned over and … Continue reading

Marriage Types: Choosing Childfree

My list of marriage types is quickly coming to a close. Nearing the end is a type that once again Courtney has given us some personal insight on, choosing childless. As many of you know, Courtney has several reasons why she and her husband choose to be childfree. While Courtney can give some personal thoughts on being child free, I will give some typical characteristics of child free by choice marriages. Not all couples without children fall into this category. Some couples are childless but not by choice. They have tried to conceive but have not been successful. However some … Continue reading

Marriage Types: Young

Like people, relationships and marriages are different. They vary in many aspects and areas. Some couples are more committed with covenant marriages while others are more open with polygamous marriages. Other people are in their second marriage. While some people marry later in life, some marry very early in life. I know some couples who married before they even graduated from high school. Like those couples who marry late in life, there are several reasons why a couple may choose to marry early or young. Some couples marry young due to the fact that they are expecting a baby. The … Continue reading

Be Healthy Together

Obesity may be “contagious” — less like a disease and more like a case of monkey see, monkey do — but so is good health. Here are some statistics, thanks to studies from Duke and Yale Universities: If you exercise regularly, your spouse is twice as likely to exercise, too! If you get your cholesterol tested regularly, your spouse is twice as likely to get tested, too! If you quit smoking or drinking, your spouse is more than five times as likely to do the same within four years. If you get a flu shot, sixty percent of spouses will … Continue reading