So Not My World

I barely have time to wash my hair in the morning, let alone shave my legs on a daily basis. So, how then is it possible for some moms to find time to post DIY tutorials featuring step-by-step instructions on how to create crocheted cozies for disposable Scotch Tape dispensers on YouTube? Pretty, little, intricately handcrafted covers for 99-cent tape dispensers that are designed to be THROWN AWAY. The tape dispensers that is. Clearly, you want to reuse the cuddly soft cozy you created to warm the cold plastic covering and disguise the unsightly green tartan plaid insert of any … Continue reading

Do You Have a Room of Your Own?

In your home is there a place that is meant just for you? Do you have a room of your own? Having a room of your own is coming back into popularity. It can be a space to relax, to read, to craft or just to be. I first came across the concept of having a room of your own thanks to a coffee table book called, aptly, A Room of Her Own.. The book chronicled spaces carved out by famous female writers, artists and others as their own. These gorgeous spaces reflected the interests of the owners, and ranged … Continue reading

Saving on Craft Supplies

Many of us dabble in crafts of various types at some time. It is a great creative outlet for many. However, a lot of crafter’s do it all the time, and realize it can get expensive depending on what you actually do. There are always ways to cut costs and save for various craft mediums, but if I knew of some places to go to make it even better and guarantee you a savings every time, would you want to know? I’m one of those “all the time” crafters with my scrapbooking. I do dabble in some other craft mediums, … Continue reading

Check Out the Krafter’s Komfycush by Stone Creek Creations

Stone Creek Creations has a beautiful line of products that are perfect for the scrapbooker or any other type of crafter. I have always loved their products, from the roomiest totes and now the new Krafter’s Komfycush. This has got to be the greatest invention for any crafter to take with you to a crop or other type workshop. It is Stone Creek Creations newest product and coordinates perfectly with the whole line so you can have everything match. So, what exactly is this cool new product that scrapbookers just should not live without? Well, it is a portable, convenient … Continue reading

More Frugal Craft Supplies

Craft supplies can really add up. Here are even more ways to save without cramping your crafting style. Yesterday, I covered two big ways of saving money on craft supplies, such as how to find them at the thrift store and the idea of making your own rubber stamps. Now, here are some more ways to get some frugal crafting supplies. Shop at the home improvement store instead of the craft store. You can find all sorts of things for crafting there; it is not just for tools. Beside the obvious supplies, such as exacto knives, you’ll find inexpensive crafting … Continue reading

Frugal Craft Supplies

Enjoy doing crafts but don’t want to spend a lot? Use the following tips to get great supplies for frugal crafting. I happened to be in a chain craft supply store last week looking for some supplies for my son’s pirate birthday party that we are planning for the summer. It is amazing how expensive all of those craft supplies are! A little unpainted piece of thin wood in the shape of a palm tree cost nearly a dollar. Painted, that same tree rose to $2.99! A bucket of fun foam shapes for a child was the size of a … Continue reading

Coffee Filter Findings

Coffee filters are plentiful and extremely inexpensive. They can be purchased anywhere you can buy coffee. But did you know that you can use coffee filters for more than just filtering your coffee in your automatic coffee maker? Here are my favorite ways, and I’ve actually tried most of them. Window Cleaning They make wonderful wipes for after you’ve cleaned a window. They won’t leave a streak or any particles behind. Napkins/Paper Towels They make great napkins or paper towels for quick cleanups. Camera Duster Use one to gently dust your lens on your camera. They can also be used … Continue reading

Friday Funnies: Another 12 Step Program For Scrapbookers

Just last week I shared with you an original 12 Step Program funny for scrapbookers. I wrote the one I shared last week, but this week I have one provided by another scrapbooker who received it via email. I hope you have an excellent weekend. We’ll be shopping for school supplies in our neck of the woods, and spending some time together as a family for our last weekend before school starts. See you next week! 12 STEP PROGRAM FOR SCRAPBOOKERS (author unknown) 1. I do not need any more paper! 2. I do not need any more punches! 3. … Continue reading