Why Create a Theme Album?

A couple of days ago, I was chatting with a lady, Maylei, on one of my scrapbooking message boards, and was startled when she asked “Why create a theme album, anyway?”. I started thinking about how I was going to answer her, and then realized that there is not a proper answer. There are however, different reasons that scrapbookers choose to do theme albums, and this is a small sampling of the most common reasons. Quick Theme albums are a fairly quick project if you have done your research and selected all of your items before you get started. For … Continue reading

Author Interview — Carole Thayne: Pottery

Today we are continuing our interview with LDS suspense novelist Carole Thayne. Click here if you missed parts one or two. Carole, I understand that in addition to writing, you are a potter. How did you get interested in pottery and when did you start doing it? I started doing pottery in high school at Orem High. My good friend was a potter and I would watch him and think it looked fascinating. He taught me during Mr. Bird’s art class. Mr. Bird was a wonderful man, who saw that I had potential and interest in clay, so let me … Continue reading