Toddler Creations

I love how creative my son is. Has your toddler built a tower out of blocks lately? Have they decorated the refrigerator with magnets or stickers? Have you shown them how to glue pieces of paper together? Have they drawn with markers on some of their toys or books? I call these “toddler creations” and I love to collect and photograph them. I want to remember, years from now, what toddler creations my son has made. I want to show off his creative ideas in his scrapbook. I want to share his creativity with our friends and family by letting … Continue reading

Toddler Imaginations

I have read in many articles that it is wise to support children in their imaginary play. I have tried to do this with my son. I have found his imaginary play very entertaining and amusing. Only in one scenario do I find it to be a problem. My son has decided that, at meal times, he wants to pretend to be a cat. We have cats and my son has played with them since he was old enough to walk. My son has recently started placing his plate on the floor and eating on all fours. This bothers me. … Continue reading

Creating a Christmas Layout

It is the season of giving and making memories. We want to preserve our Christmas memories with photos in our scrapbooks. What is the best layout for our Christmas photos? Here are some ideas: A scrapbook is a way in which we can be creative and record memories on paper with photos, sentiments and embellishments. That said, take a look at Christmas decorations. I’m going to use the decorating theme I used in my home as the theme for my Christmas layout in my scrapbook. I used reindeer as the theme for my decorating. I have a collection of reindeer … Continue reading

Creative Gift Album Suggestions

Creating gift albums can be a daunting task. Organization is key. There are so many different aspects to consider when sitting down to create or even planning a gift album. Here are some suggestions to make the whole process go a little faster and more efficiently. Page Size The page size of the album matters the most because if you plan to include many different photos, a larger page size will make that easier. If you only have a handful of photographs that you want to use, or you are following a theme throughout the album, you might choose to … Continue reading

The Positive Side of Creative Memories

After all of the negative complaints I offered that seem to be common amongst non-Creative Memories scrapbookers, I thought it only fair that I share the positives of the company. It all started in 1987 when Rhonda Andersen met a group of ladies and was surprised to learn that they kept their pictures in shoe boxes and not in albums like she did. A late night call to Cheryl Lightle sparked a new business and the first consultant signed in July of that year. To read more of the story visit here. The company started out simple and has expanded … Continue reading

What is the Deal With Creative Memories (3)?

There are huge debates everywhere about Creative Memories. Message Boards are always a huge source of negativity surrounding anything that is CM related, and the CM advocates usually come out in full force as well. But to dispel any of the myths or give credit to any of the facts, one must first understand what the complaints are/were to begin with. In the first two articles I have presented two common complaints. With this article, I will present the last common complaint I hear. Probably one of the most often debated complaints, has been that of the contraband. If you … Continue reading

What is the Deal with Creative Memories? (2)

Scrapbooking has been around a long time, which is what I discussed in the first article in this series. Creative Memories has been around since 1987 and while having thousands of devoted followers, equally has thousands of people that really dislike the name. So what is the big deal with Creative Memories anyway? Aside from their claim that they invented scrapbooking, there have been other problems with the products, and consultants from day one. This is not to say that I dislike Creative Memories at all. I am only relaying what the problems others have faced are. I do not … Continue reading

What is the Deal with Creative Memories (1)?

So what is the big deal about Creative Memories and why does everyone always seem to be asking about it all over the Internet and on Scrapbooking Message Boards? I will try to explain in a totally general way. First, Creative Memories is a home-business selling scrapbooking supplies. They are, I believe, the first company to actually offer a home based scrapbooking business. This is important to realize because it comes into play later when we discuss what the big deal is. As a leader in the scrapbooking home-based business, one of the draws to creative memories is the fact … Continue reading

Creatively Frugal Uses for Marshmallows

Marshmallows? You must think I am crazy. What could you possibly do with a marshmallow besides just pop it in your mouth and eat it, or roast it over a campfire. You’d be surprised at the frugal uses I discovered, and they are practical uses too! Birthday Cake My favorite use I discovered for marshmallows was on my son’s birthday. We were tired of fast melting wax birthday candles dripping all over our cake. I had seen those little candle holders that you can place on your cake to hold the candles at the grocery store, but avoided buying them … Continue reading

Frugal Tips to Decorate Creatively

Decorating your home with little touches, is a wonderful way to make it yours, and comfortable. However, it can be extremely expensive when you got purchase all the extras and wall hangings. Here are some ideas for decorating a bit more creatively, with not a lot of money. Tip #1 – Stock up on Frames Keep them on hand. Buy them at garage and yard sales, antique stores and on clearance at local department and discount chains. If someone offers to give you some, take them. Store them in a closet until you need them. THEN, when you are ready … Continue reading