Scrapbooking Week In Review for June 11th to June 17th

The Scrapbooking Week In Review is full of the latest and greatest scrapbooking articles, posted in the past week in the Scrapbooking Blog. You can find information on so many different techniques, tips, information, and ideas, so your scrapbooking can go to the next level. This is what has been going on this week in the scrapbooking blog. Monday June 11th Beginning the week as usual, is the Week in Review for June 4th to June 10th. You can find the articles that were posted that previous week, just as you can with this one. Next, due to my own … Continue reading

Biggest Scrapbooking Mistakes – Sihouettes

It was once a very popular technique. In some cases it still can be. But if you are like the majority of scrapbookers who have been scrapbooking more than five years, you know the silhouetting I am talking about. Silhouetting in scrapbooking, means taking your photograph and cutting around an object. It works great if it’s a flower that fills the frame, but when it’s a child (which in most cases it was for me), the end result can have an almost creepy effect on the layout. What I see now when I look back at layouts that I silhouetted … Continue reading

Biggest Scrapbooking Mistakes – Decorative Scissors

Most likely you have a pair or two, or if you are like me, you have more like 22! So at one point, I was addicted to the creative use of decorative scissors. Yes, I’d like to hang my head in shame when I look at those layouts, but they were certainly a hot item back then! Before decorative scissors really entered the scrapbooking picture, pinking shears were the hot item. So of course I had discovered those first. I have lots of photos cut with those beautiful little pinking shears and it makes me cringe each time I look … Continue reading

Challenge Yourself: No Cropping Allowed

Throughout my years of scrapbooking I have done more than my fair share of photo cropping. Actually, I love to crop photos. It is a great technique, but today I would like to challenge you to try to do an entire layout without any cropping. One big advantage to not cropping your photos is that it saves a lot of time. I completed the following two-page layout in about 20 minutes. That time even included the journaling. Notice how I used both vertical and horizontal photos. This helps break up the layout into sections, making it more pleasing to the … Continue reading

Quick Cropping Tips and Techniques

To Crop, or not to crop. This is often the big question. Creatively cropping or trimming a photograph, can help eliminate parts of a picture that you do not want. With cropping your photo you can get rid of: big hips ugly wallpaper annoying neighbor kids distracting tourists a messy house ex-husbands camera straps and fingers other undesirable or unattractive objects Cropping will go faster if you do a group of photographs together, rather than only one at a time. That isn’t to say that you are supposed to stack the photos and cut them all at the same time. … Continue reading

Using Flawed Photos on Scrapbook Layouts

Sometimes we have several pictures that we want to scrapbook of an event and none of them really turned out as hoped. I would like to share some ideas for incorporating blurry pictures as well as photos with distracting backgrounds. The four pictures used on this layout were taken of our daughter on Easter. I really wanted to create an Easter layout for her scrapbook, but I didn’t have much to work with because three of the pictures were taken from far away and had distracting backgrounds and the up close picture was a bit blurry. The up close photo … Continue reading