Who Should Hold My Crying Baby?

I’m struggling with a seemingly never-ending dilemma of how long to let my baby cry when others are holding her. I want her grandparents, aunts, uncles, and others to be able to spend time with her. I realize that by holding her, they are able to bond with her and get to know her. However, I also don’t want this to happen at the expense of my daughter feeling secure and safe. Yes, she loves them, but there is no substitute for the kind of comfort and security a mother can provide. I’ve come up with a few ways to … Continue reading

More Signs that Crying is Serious

Babies cry; they cry a lot. This is natural, as it is the main way that they can communicate to let you know that they need something from you: food, a diaper change, comfort. Some times, crying can be indicative of a more serious problem, one that requires medical attention. Here are some more signs that your baby’s cry is serious. And check out yesterday’s post: Is Your Baby’s Cry Serious? How to Tell. When your poor baby is screaming at the top of his lungs, please check for a nasal discharge. If your baby has a thick, yellow discharge … Continue reading

Go Ahead and Cry (When the Customers aren’t Looking)

We cannot always be chipper, eager and happy home business owners. In fact, I do not think it is possible to start a business and never get frustrated or discouraged. We try so hard to give good customer service and say and do the right things that we can put incredible pressure on ourselves to be happy all the time. Baloney! Sometimes we just need to have a good cry—we just need to try to do it when the clients and customers are not standing by. A couple years ago, when I was still working in nonprofit management, I remember … Continue reading

How Much Crying Can You Handle?

All parents are not created equal when it comes to our crying capacity—whether it is the woeful wails of a new baby, or the screams of a frustrated toddler, or even the moody crying of an adolescent—some of us can tolerate it far better than others. How much crying can you handle? And has your ability to tolerate crying from your child actually increased or decreased over the years? I can handle a fair amount of crying from my children—although it has diminished quite a bit now that they are older. What I have noticed, however, is that my ability … Continue reading

Secret Confession—Sometimes a Good Cry Helps

I know that I have written a bit about mental health for the single parent, and staying positive and confident. These things ARE important and can be especially hard for stressed-out single parents. But, in all fairness, I thought I should make a secret confession…sometimes, there is just nothing more helpful and healing that to have a good, self-pitiful, cry! I have been at this single parenthood/parenthood thing for quite some time and I’ve learned that even the bleakest, most frustrating days are usually followed by something a little more pleasant. Eventually, kids move out of aggravating phases and they … Continue reading

Crying at a Business Meeting

I realize that crying may seem like an odd topic for an article here in the Home Business Blog, but it is actually ripped right out of my past work week. I have had some heated conversations sharing opinions about crying in business meetings and realized this had the potential to be a rather controversial topic. Of course, I wanted to know what you all had to say about the subject… I am not such a stoic that I think that the business world should be devoid of emotion. In fact, I’ve written before about how I think there is … Continue reading

All About Me: What Makes You Cry?

Emotions are a part of every humans personality. Feelings such as anger, sadness, and happiness are part of our everyday life. Each emotion makes our bodies do something different, as well as makes our brain think different thoughts. Take some time to think about the things that get your emotions all stirred up. Crying can be soup for the soul at times. Some people can cry at the drop of a hat; watching a commercial on television, seeing a child born, or simply thinking of a sentimental memory from the past. And then there are people on the opposite spectrum … Continue reading

Nurturing Temperamental Traits – Intensity

Intensity is in reference to your child’s energy response and how loud they are. Does your infant respond loudly and strongly to everything? Do they cry whenever anything upsets them? Is your child dramatic? Does your child show strong emotions? Or does your child get quiet when upset? Low Intensity The low intensity child does not cry often. They don’t express their displeasure or joy easily. It is hard to tell exactly how they are feeling. This child requires you to ask how things are going. Ask if something upsets them. You will need to look for physical signs of … Continue reading