DIY Baby Proofing: I did it!

As my daughter becomes more and more mobile, I am increasingly aware of all of the hazards in our apartment. There are exposed outlets, breakable knick knacks, and garbage cans within reach. A major hazard is our TV stand. There is a big pile of electric cords and wires under it, easily within reach of a curious baby. I wrote about a solution I read about online. It’s called curtained storage. I decided to give it a try, and am rather pleased with the results. I’ll go through each step with you, and also show pictures. Here are the before … Continue reading

DIY Baby Proofing

Our baby just turned 7 months old today, and she’s getting eager to be on the go. When we put her on her tummy, she’s kicking, reaching, and wiggling. She can’t move forwards yet, but she can scoot backwards, and turn her body in circles. Our living room furniture faces the TV. When I see what’s underneath the TV stand and think about the fact that our sweetie may soon be crawling, I shudder. Lurking under the TV stand are piles and tangles of electric cords. They include cords that plug the TV into the wall, cords that connect the … Continue reading