Scrap Your Daily Life

Scrap Your Daily Life Details Would you like to know what your mom did when she first woke up each morning while you were growing up? Or what your favorite dinner was when you were young? What was the daily errand schedule of your mom when you were little? These are priceless bits of information that, if not recorded, will be lost forever. Keeping a daily journal is one way to record these small slices of life. Another way is to complete scrapbook layouts focusing in on different aspects of the “mundane” things you do. You can also complete an … Continue reading

Let’s Keep Passion Alive

What is more valuable to a married couple than any other currency? The emotional and intellectual wisdom of how to keep their intimacy alive decades after they have said I do. Couples need good coping mechanisms to handle the stresses of life without straining their marriage. They need to be able to overcome the periods of disillusionment and yet remain committed to their lives together and provide mutual support as well as maintaining their passion and romance. Couples can do this by incorporating the following four ideas into their daily lives and rituals with regard to their marriage and their … Continue reading