How to Best Organize Your Negatives

Negatives are a pretty important part of photography. If you took picture prior to your digital, you have negatives. There is not much of a way around it. However, knowing how to properly organize and store negatives is something you might be doing for a long time to come. Without negatives you cannot reprint photographs, or even print any at all. I have hundreds upon hundreds of those tiny little strips in my possession – not only mine, but some of my extended families too. Figuring out how to organize them and store them was simply a nightmare at first. … Continue reading

A Scrapbooking Related Disaster

Recently I read about a gal on a scrapbook message board that had an album/scrapbooking related disaster and it got me thinking about it. She had stored her albums in a cardboard box in a garage at her parents’ house. Well, eventually the garage leaked, she moved boxes but threw a tarp over the box. Somehow the box wasn’t covered by the tarp and when she opened the box up the albums were ruined. Mold and mildew was everywhere. She obviously devastated as the hard work and money that had gone into those albums was destroyed. I believe she was … Continue reading