Brangelina Adopting from India and The Woz Gets a New Gig

Eight months after giving birth to twins Vivienne and Knox, Angelina Jolie is prepping to cradle a new baby. According to reports, the raven-haired beauty and her famous beau Brad Pitt are planning to expand their multinational brood by adopting a child from India. The pair is already parents to three adopted children – 7-year-old Maddox from Cambodia, 4-year-old Pax from Vietnam and 3-year-old Zahara from Ethiopia. Brangelina also have three biological children, 2-year-old daughter Shiloh, and infant twins, who turn one in July. British newspaper the Sunday Express claims Jolie recently revealed her secret plans to adopt from India … Continue reading

Denise Richards Leaves DWTS While The Woz Dances On

It seems like an alternate universe – hot mama Denise Richards is the second cast off of the current season of “Dancing with the Stars” while pudgy Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak scores low but continues on. But, that is exactly what happened on reality television this week. (The copyright holder of this work, Al Luckow, allows anyone to use it for any purpose including unrestricted redistribution, commercial use, and modification.) Denise, whom I had read was hoping to up her public image after her openly hostile spat with ex Charlie Sheen and her own reality show (turns out it wasn’t … Continue reading

Katie Holmes’ New $43K Makeover and an Unexpected Hollywood Miracle

Recession? What recession? While the rest of the world (or at least us non-Hollywood types) is pinching pennies in these tough economic times, Tom Cruise’s wife is spending like there’s no tomorrow. Then again, maybe, Katie Holmes’ $43,000 makeover is just what the economy needs to help stimulate it. It’s just too bad she couldn’t drop the dough in her home country. According to reports, Holmes new longer do comes courtesy of some talented hair stylists in Japan. The UK’s Daily Mail claims Holmes shelled out £30,000 – which at today’s exchange rate comes out to more than $43,000 – … Continue reading

Jilted “Bachelor” Chick Does “Dancing with the Stars”

Melissa Rycroft may think Jason “The Bachelor” Mesnick is a jerk, but if he hadn’t dumped her on national TV, I highly doubt she would have been given the chance to kick it on “Dancing with the Stars.” It’s just a RUMOR… right now, but sources tell PEOPLE magazine that 25-year-old Rycroft is in fact taking the celebrity contestant slot vacated by Access Hollywood host Nancy O’Dell. According to PEOPLE, the busty brunette has had only a few days to rehearse with pro partner Tony Dovolani. However, she is expected to perform on tomorrow night’s season premiere. Shocked? I am. … Continue reading

“Dancing with the Stars” Dropouts

They’re dropping like flies and the show hasn’t even started. ABC just announced that singer Jewel and Access Hollywood host Nancy O’Dell are withdrawing from Dancing with the Stars due to knee injuries. Execs at the alphabet network say both women suffered “significant injuries” during rehearsals in recent weeks. Jewel was diagnosed with a fractured tibia in both legs while O’Dell has a torn meniscus that will require surgery. DWTS’ executive producer says the injuries came from overtraining, though interestingly the exec noted that as happened last season with pro volleyball player Misty May-Treanor, Jewel and O’Dell “threw themselves into … Continue reading

DWTS’ First Victim and Paula Abdul’s 1000th Complaint

Dancing with the Stars’ new season hasn’t officially started yet, but the show is already losing celeb hoofers. Sort of. Yesterday Jewel announced that she might be forced to pull out of the TV dance competition due to a knee injury. The show’s eighth season premiere airs in less than two weeks and the singer says she is unsure she will be able to recover in time. Jewel made the announcement on her blog Wednesday saying that doctors diagnosed her with tendonitis in her knees and that she has started a course of medicine to help with the swelling. “I’m … Continue reading

Edie Exits Wisteria Lane and Cheryl Enters Into a New Relationship

Someone is getting the ax on Wisteria Lane, and it’s not Susan Mayer. Actually, the mystery regarding, which of the lovely Desperate Housewives’ stars, is getting the boot from the show is really not that mysterious at all. According to series creator Marc Cherry, Nicollette Sheridan’s saucy character Edie Britt will be leaving Wisteria Lane at the end of April. “She had a great time on the show and is looking forward to her next project,” Sheridan’s rep told reporters earlier this week. We may know who’s leaving, but lips are sealed regarding how Edie is set to depart from … Continue reading

“Dancing with the Stars” Adds a New Twist

It’s superstar husband versus celebrity wife during this season’s Dancing with the Stars. And here’s another first: Instead of celeb hoofers hooking up with their pro partners during the season (ala Derek Hough and Shannon Elizabeth, Mark Ballas and Sabrina Bryan, etc.), this season producers allowed a real life couple to heat up the ballroom. DWTS champ-turned-country-singer Julianne Hough will compete with her boyfriend, country singer Chuck Wicks. Producers say they are interested in seeing if the lovebirds will stay together after being forced to be around each other nearly 24/7. Another potential deal breaker: Julianne will be bossing around … Continue reading

Karina Smirnoff and Maksim Chmerkovskiy Engaged And Kelly Rutherford Ends Her Marriage

Wow, talk about a pair made in Dancing Heaven! Hot stuff strutter Karina Smirnoff and handsome hunk Maksim Chmerkovskiy have announced their engagement. I can just hear hearts, both male and female, breaking all over America! Sources told E! News that the couple got engaged just before New Year’s Day. Both are currently on the “Dancing with the Stars” tour. Photo by Albert Domasin is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 License. Karina had been dating her “Dancing with the Stars” Season 3 partner Mario Lopez, but the two broke up after dating for two years. Given Lopez’s romantic past … Continue reading

Winona Ryder Hospitalized and Julianne Hough Says Goodbye

Actress Winona Ryder was hospitalized briefly yesterday. She was on a flight from Los Angeles to London when she suddenly fell ill, causing the airplane to make a special landing. Before the flight landed at Heathrow Airport, the British Airways pilot radioed the air traffic control tower to notify them that a female passenger on board was in need of medical attention. A statement from British Airways said “Our cabin crew looked after [Ryder] as much as they could onboard and our passenger services staff also accompanied her to the hospital. We wish her well.” (This image is licensed under … Continue reading