Scrapbooking The Everyday Things

On a mission once again to create layouts that are different than the norm, I have come up with some great ideas. When I sat down to scrapbook the other day, I felt major scrappers block and I wanted to find a way to combat it. Deciding against trying to create an “event” layout, I wound up playing around with some ideas about scrapbooking the everyday things. I’ve written articles on this before, but I had some new ideas I haven’t shared so I will. I grabbed some cardstock, and decided this layout wasn’t going to have normal pictures on … Continue reading

Album in a Day

You’ve heard of an album in a weekend, but lately I’ve heard a lot more about an album in a day. It isn’t impossible if you plan ahead. In fact, the key to getting any scrapbooking done at all, at anytime, really is planning. You will scrapbook much faster and get loads more done, if you take the time to prepare a plan. Planning The key to getting an album done in one day is to choose your color scheme, papers, embellishments, photographs and anything else you wish to include, before you get started. Having all of this accomplished will … Continue reading