Saving Up Winter’s Bounty

We don’t often think of winter and bounty in the same thought, but there is plenty of winter bounty, if you know where to look. Make sure you gather and store your extra blessings now to help you get through the rest of the year. Gift Cards A bounty of gift cards may fall in your lap as presents from friends and family, as well as promotions and thank you gifts from local businesses. It is also true that gift cards are easy to misplace or forget about. Keep all of your gift cards together (I used a small box … Continue reading

Special Offers at Aulani, Disney’s Hawaii Resort

As winter approaches (or does more than approach, slamming some parts of the country with storms), we already want to turn our thoughts toward spring.  While there’s nothing we can do to make the months go by faster, perhaps what we can do is avoid the cold weather for a while by vacationing somewhere warm.  A dream vacation for many is Hawaii, and for Disney fans, that can mean one thing: Aulani. Disney’s Aulani Resort, located on Oahu, has recently joined the list of Disney destinations that get their own special offers page.  The resort is so popular that even … Continue reading

Watch Out for the “Up to” Sales

“All Toys on Sale up to 50 percent off!” “Save up to 70 percent off on all clearance sweaters!” “Going Out of Business! All books are up to 90 percent off!” These are some of the most recent sale signs that I have seen on store windows this holiday season. Are the desperate retail stores trying to unload as much as they can before Christmas, giving you the rock bottom deals while they still can? Well, yes and no. There is truth in advertising and then there is truth in advertising. The “up to” sales work well for the stores. … Continue reading

Finding Coupons and Deals for Family Fun

Before you set out for your next fun family outing, gather your coupons and deals. You can save 50 percent or more compared to the other folks waiting in line to get in. Plus, if you buy your tickets or passes in advance, you can probably skip the lines altogether and get straight to the fun. Entertainment and Family Fun Books For about $25, you can purchase an entertainment or family fun book that contains hundreds of coupons for local restaurants and attractions. These books are sold online and through fundraisers. Many times, you can get a discount if you … Continue reading

Sea World Cares

If you live in Central Florida and are considering adopting a pet, then I have a great deal for you. If you adopt from one of three specific shelters, then you can earn two free single-day tickets to Sea World. The program, dubbed Happy Tails, is a part of the amusement park’s initiative called Sea World Cares. Sea World Cares is the branch of the park that helps rehabilitate and conserve wild animals. Happy Tails, then, focuses on the local land animals in the Central Florida community. Happy Tails isn’t complicated. If you adopt a pet from one of the … Continue reading

Sunshine Kids Car Seats

I am kind of a car seat crazy person. I want my kids to be safe. You hear stories all the time about seats not being installed correctly, or about an accident that could have been avoided if only the child had been strapped in correctly to a car seat. So, when I had my first baby, I made sure to do my research. I found an acceptable infant car seat, but when it was time to move her up to a bigger one, I wanted one that was going to last, and one that was strong, and durable. I … Continue reading

Looking for Freebies and Deals

Pregnancy presents a unique opportunity to collect quite a few freebies. There are tons of companies out there that want your future business, and they are ready to hand over the goods to get it. Often the mail that results from signing up for these offers is the kind you want: samples, coupons and special offers. Your doctor’s office and hospital will likely give you items like free diaper bags, changing pads, planners and totes that are provided by formula companies. Even if you don’t plan on using formula, these “gifts” still come in handy. If you do plan on … Continue reading

Sunday Coupons March 7 – Great Deals in the Paper This Weekend!

There are some great deals in the Sunday paper today. If you have not seen a preview of today’s coupons, visit my friend Marnie’s blog. There are three inserts today, a Smart Source, a Red Plum, and a P&G Brandsaver. You will want extra papers today. The P&G has a lot of high value coupons and B1G1F. The paper also has a flyer for Staples, the office supply store. They are having some super deals right now with their Easy rebates. Find some great $1 deals – for example Hammermill Copy Plus Paper Ream is $5.99. After a $4.99 Easy … Continue reading

How to Win the Competition for Grocery Bargains 2

Do you find yourself missing out on some of the best grocery deals because the shelves are empty once you get there? I’ve been discussing some strategies that can help you get the grocery bargains before they disappear. If you missed yesterday’s post, click here: How to Win the Competition for Grocery Bargains. Shop the small or out of the way store In my area, there are two giant supermarket stores. One is a smaller store, and the other is much larger, with a greater selection, a bigger bakery, a pharmacy, etc. Most people, including us usually shop the larger … Continue reading

It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year for Thrift Store Bargains 2

As you wonder what to do with all of your leftovers, take advantage of other people’s leftovers, too…leftover stuff, that is. This is the best time of year to get wonderful merchandise for pennies on the dollar at your local thrift store. If you missed the first part of this topic posted earlier today, click here. You should also find a lot of toys, as parents, overwhelmed with all of the gifts, either donate brand new items in an effort to bring the gift giving under control, or donated older toys to make way for the new ones. I found … Continue reading