Death By Design – Keepsake Crimes – a Book Review For Scrapbookers

After checking out the book, Death by design, by Laura Childs, I decided I’d rather own it. I wound up picking up a copy from Amazon. What I first loved about the book is that it is an anthology of three of her scrapbooking series books. But when I spent more time with the book, I also learned the book also carried with it scrapbooking tips and recipes after each individual book in the anthology. A scrapbooker can’t ask for much more when they are reading for pleasure and also getting a little scrapbook advice and the recipes are so … Continue reading

Making Scrapbooking Into a Mystery – a Book Review

As an avid reader, as well as being a freelance writer, I am always on the look out for an author who can capture my attention, and make me want to read every book he or she has written. However, in my quest for good reading, I keep a look out for subjects that I enjoy reading about portrayed in a fictional sense. It’s often hard, and there aren’t many books out that can turn a craft into fiction. However, scrapbookers alike, can now read a whole fictional series of books dedicated to our awesome hobby. Who doesn’t enjoy a … Continue reading