Which Business Tools and Supplies are Good Buys in December?

 While you may be doing a great deal of shopping for the people on your gift list, you might also be wondering whether this time of year is a good time to scout out the sales on items that you need for your home – based business. If you itemize deductions on your tax return, it makes sense to shop now, especially if you have identified some things that you need. There are also some items that are usually on sale in December. For example, December is one time of year where computers are at their lowest prices. In fact, … Continue reading

Best Buys for December

With December, the deals are all about the holidays. There are no surprises there. And, as soon as those doors open on december 26th, there is holiday merchandise on sale. You’ll find the usual Christmas cards and ornaments, but there are some surprises, too. One bit of advice: if you find something in an after-holiday sale, snap it up. Retailers have not stocked an excess of goods this year, so the pickings may be slim. We went out and practically had our hand on some Christmas lights. We turned to listen to a request from one of our children. When … Continue reading

Scrapbooking Week in Review for December 3-9, 2007

It has been a great week being back at families.com after my long vacation. I missed it and came up with many great articles while I was taking the time off. If there is anything you are wanting information on, or would like to see, I hope that you will contact me either by leaving a comment below or on any article. You can also contact me by sending me a private message which you can do by going to my personal my site and clicking on ‘Send Private Message’ I cannot believe that Christmas is upon us and that … Continue reading

Getting December Under Control

Here in my little city, we have a holiday market during the month of December with hundreds of booths and vendors—most of which are small, home-based micro-businesses. As I peruse the aisles of crafts and arts and talents and foods—I realized that all of these small businesses are working non-stop during the month of December. Talking to one of the vendors, I learned that her business was mostly seasonal and that she didn’t see much of her family until AFTER the first of the year. Many of us home business owners are stretched and strained through the month of December … Continue reading

The Let’s Talk Pregnancy Blog in the New Year

In closing my very first month as a Pregnancy Blogger, I am closing out a year as well. I would like to say thank you to those of you that have read my entries so far. I’m having a wonderful time writing about a topic that is very near and dear to me. I hope you all are enjoying reading as much as I am writing. Here is a look-back on December 2006 and a look forward to the things I will touch on in the New Year: I talked about a lot of things that relate to the first … Continue reading