Host An Affordable Cinco de Mayo Party

Celebrating Cinco de Mayo doesn’t have to leave you peso-less.  There are many ways you can throw a frugal fiesta on the fifth day of May.  The key is to make use of everyday items you already have around your home and turn them into priceless parts of your party. Here are some ideas to get you started: DECORATIONS Who says you need to fill your home with fresh flowers in order to have a successful Cinco de Mayo shindig?  Instead of busting your budget on fresh blooms, make your own colorful creations with tissue paper.  All you need is … Continue reading

Affordable Party Decorations

Whether you are looking for a fun activity for your upcoming Super Bowl party, your child’s birthday celebration or a back-to-school bash, there’s nothing more exciting than a piñata.  What’s more, the smash and grab craft is quite affordable if you make your own at home. A piñata is little more than a large papier mache. All you need to make a basic piñata is a balloon, newspaper (cut into approximately one-inch wide strips), liquid starch, masking tape, glue, and crepe paper streamers. To start, blow up a large balloon.  This can be used to make a football shape, a … Continue reading

10 Tips for a Green Thanksgiving

Halloween’s over, Thanksgiving is upon us, and Christmas is just a step away! It is busy time for everyone, but you can still stay green. Here are a few tips to green up your Thanksgiving: 10. Stay Home Yes, I know the holidays are usually about travel to be with family, but consider staying home. You can help reduce emissions and stress by not taking a trip this year. 9. Travel Smart Okay, I realize many will ignore #10, so if you do have to travel, travel smart. Make sure the car is working properly before leaving, check your tire … Continue reading

Save Money on Fall Decorations 2

In my previous post, I started sharing some ideas that I had for my fall decorating, and ideas about spending no money at all. Of course I recognize that I may need to pick up some additional items. So, in order to stay frugal and keep that money in the bank, there is a bit of smart shopping to do to get what I want and like without too much of the spending involved. Here are some of my favorite stores for fall decorations at a fraction of the cost. The first is Jo-Anns fabrics. If you happen to have … Continue reading

Fun Ways to Get Ready for the Easter Bunny

Are you hosting Easter this year? If so, then you have a busy week ahead of you. There are eggs to color, a house to decorate, baskets to fill, a menu to plan and activities to prepare. The holiday requires quite a bit of preparation, but the workload can be minimized if you plan carefully. If you are still looking for ways to get the entire family involved in Easter fun, consider the following ideas: EASTER EGG DECORATING CONTEST Start a family tradition by hosting an Easter egg decorating contest. Divide participants according to age and create enough categories so … Continue reading

Homemade Valentine’s Decorations

Whether you are hosting a Valentine’s Day party, or you simply want to make your home more festive for your family, these easy Love Day decorations are sure to please. In fact, the paper crafts are so simple to make, your children could put them together themselves. When you are done display your handiwork in open spaces for everyone to enjoy. LOVE BUG Materials: Construction Paper Pipe Cleaners Googly Eyes Black Marker Paint Glitter Glue Doilies Directions: Trace and cut a large heart shape out of construction paper. Trace and cut a smaller heart shape out of a different color … Continue reading

Sensational Super Bowl Party Ideas

Are you ready for some football? Arizona Cardinal and Pittsburgh Steeler fans are counting down the minutes until tomorrow’s Super Bowl kickoff. Even if your team didn’t make it to the big game, you can still join in the pigskin festivities by hosting your own Super Bowl party. Here are some tips for creating a winning look for Sunday’s major match-up: DECORATIONS Party stores are filled with Super Bowl paraphernalia. However, you can save a bundle by going generic. Simply purchase balloons, streamers, and tablecloths to match your favorite team’s colors. Then, get your kids involved in the decorating process … Continue reading

Food, Favors and Decorations to Complete Your Family Election Party

My last blog outlined invitations and possible activities for an Election Day (or Night) Party. This blog will help you prepare for the party. Favors/Name Tags Make name tags/favors in which the name is on a white circle of cardstock. Folded loops of ribbon be glued to the back of the cardstock around the edges of the circle. Leave two ribbons (hanging down. This resembles the rosette ribbons worn by members of political parties in England (hence the term, “showing your colors”). If it’s just a family party, rather than names you could make ribbons of different countries and write … Continue reading

Tabby’s First “Real” Halloween

Murphy and Mr. Meow are old pros when it comes to Halloween. They’ve been with us long enough to know that when I put up the graveyard and break out the ghosts that the Trick or Treaters will soon follow. But last year because we were in the midst of still trying to sell our home, which we did take off the market late in October, I didn’t “do” Halloween like I normally would. Therefore, even though last Halloween was technically Tabby’s first with us, she didn’t get a taste of how her mom normally does up the holiday. I … Continue reading

Simple Halloween Crafts: Fun with Paper Plates

When I was in second grade my older brother (by 11 months) was dared by a kid in the school cafeteria to eat a paper plate. My headstrong sibling didn’t blink twice and devoured about half the plate before a teacher saw what he was doing and took him to the infirmary. He survived and to this day we still laugh about the incident. Strange anecdote aside that’s not the type of “fun” with paper plates I have in mind for your children. With Halloween fast approaching and the economy in the dumpster I’ve been looking affordable ways to decorate … Continue reading