Where To Get Your Photographs Developed (1)

As scrapbookers, our most prized possessions usually include our photographs. Priceless picture of our memories that cannot ever be replaced if something should happen to them. Sure, you can keep the memory in your mind and heart, but nothing can capture a story like a photograph. Do you ever wonder where the best place to get your photographs developed, actually is? Do you ever get nervous dropping off a roll of film, wondering if the photographs will turn out? Will they lose the film? Or when you upload your digital prints online, or burn them to CD and take them … Continue reading

Double, Even Triple Picture Prints

Many scrapbookers choose to only get single prints when they get their film developed. This isn’t the worst practice if you are trying to stay organized, but it can be costly if you have to get reprints later. Many times, I opt to get doubles, and even more recently I’ve been known to get triple prints. I’m sure you are wondering why, so I would love to explain. With single prints, I can get the photos on the layout, get the layout in the album and feel a great sense of accomplishment when there is a dent in my photo … Continue reading

How to Develop Your Child’s Full Potential

I am slowly learning that parenting is a lifelong learning process. I do not fully understand everything that my children need at their current unique stage. Therefore I try to continually educate myself through different means such as observing other parents, reading parenting books and taking parenting classes now and then. I am really grateful to currently be taking a parenting class based on Chip Ingram’s course titled “Effective Parenting in a Defective World.” Mr. Ingram uses basic information with personal life experience that make this course easy to follow and desirable to follow up with or practice on my … Continue reading