Genealogy Glossary

There are many words and phrases used in genealogy that we sometimes do not see or use in every day life. To succeed in genealogy, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with them. Listed here are just some of the many words and phrases you may come across during your genealogical research. There is also a list of sites that offer more comprehensive genealogy glossaries. Ahnentafal: A table of someone’s ancestors in which a numbering system is used. This word derives from the the German Ahnen meaning ancestor, and Tafel meaning table. Ancestor: Any person that someone is … Continue reading

LDS Acronyms

Last week, we talked about the secret language Latter-day Saints are slowly developing. This week, I’d like to continue my status as Bendict Arnold and share a few acronyms that might crop up in Mormon conversations or blogs. Soon, you, too, will be able to communicate with Latter-day Saints. LDS – The most obvious of acronyms, LDS stands for “Latter-day Saint”, which is, in itself, a condensed version of the church’s true name, “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint.” However, if you identify a member of the church as a Latter-day Saint, 99.99% of the people you talk … Continue reading

Computer Dictionary: F

It’s time to learn some more technical words and phrases. Have you been keeping up on the Computer dictionary here at the Computing Blog? We are up to F this time, and there are some interesting words and phrases to cover. False Acceptance This is a security term that is also known as a type II error. Basically, it takes an unauthorized person and identifies them as an authorized person on the computer network for example. Security people look for the False Acceptance Rate, or FAR, in a system to judge how safe it is and where improvements must be … Continue reading