DIY Die Cuts

Stroll through your local scrapbooking supply shop and you may die from the cuteness featured on all of the elaborate die cuts available. I am a huge fan of die cuts.  In fact, the adorable embellishments are one of the reasons I got into scrapbooking more than a decade ago.  I love the intricately decorated shapes and the fact that they can be used to spice up more than just a corner of a memory book page.  Die cuts can be displayed on frames, in journaling blocks or strategically placed in page titles. The problem with die cuts is the … Continue reading

Product Review: The New Cricut Expression

They redesigned it, they added new features, they made it bigger and better and easier to use. So, is it really worth the huge chunk of change dished out to upgrade to the new “better” Cricut Expression model? Many scrapbookers think so. The new Cricut Expression model is much larger than the previous version. It is designed primarily for use on a table or inside a media room or office, perhaps at a school, crop room or scrapbook store. However, many scrapbookers think it fits just fine in their own personal studios. “I don’t mind it taking up space in … Continue reading

Sticker and Die Cut Organization

Anyone who has been scrapbooking for any length of time, has more than likely accumulated a very large amount of stickers and die cuts. These two items seem to be the most commonly collected scrapbook supply, and therefore, finding storage is extremely important. There are several different ways to sort your stickers and die cuts, which is the first step to getting organized. You can organize by stickers or die cuts by color, theme, brand name, or size. Color Sorting die cuts or stickers by their colors is one way to organize them. However, with stickers that is a bit … Continue reading

Product Review: The Wizard by Spellbinders

Recently, I stumbled across this awesome product, quite by accident actually. That seems to be the way I find all the cool new products these days. I’m an addict and have to have everything, but a die cutting system was not something I wanted….until now! With so many different die cutting systems available to scrapbookers now, it is challenging finding the right one for you. In a recent poll, scrapbookers were asked to vote for their favorite die cutting system and then explain why. The Wizard Embossing and Die Cutting System by Spellbinders won hands down! This system is a … Continue reading

New Product: Provo Craft’s Cricut

Cricut is a new electronic die cut machine that has been made by the large scrapbooking company, Provo Craft. This would be an exciting addition to any scrapbooker’s supplies. I would like to share what I have learned about this new die cutting system. The Cricut is a portable electronic machine that weighs 12 pounds and has a carrying handle. It does not require a computer to use it. You purchase cartridges separately that contain a font and shapes. The option that I find most exciting with the Cricut is that you can choose the size of the letter or … Continue reading