Photography Week in Review for May 19-25, 2008

Do you use all of your camera’s features or do you stick with the AUTO mode? And once you do snap keepers of your loved ones, how long does it take for you to print them out? Do you still have photos from Christmas sitting in your digital camera? These were just some of the questions I posed to readers in the PHOTOGRAPHY blog over the past few days. This week we focused on printing: How to, how often, and how it all works. If you missed any of our discussions now is the time to catch up. May 19th—–Megapixels … Continue reading

Picture This

April is almost over and now it’s time to prepare for camera-mania. If you thought December and January were the busiest times of the year for shutterbugs, think again. According to my friend who owns a photo lab, the months of May and June are primetime for picture taking. I know. I was stunned too. But apparently Mother’s and Father’s Day along with school graduations and the start of baseball season inspire millions of family photographers to snap like there’s no tomorrow. In other words, it’s camera season and as the weather warms up you can expect to see a … Continue reading

Photography Terms You Should Know

This blog is a long time coming. If I was ultra-organized I would have posted it months ago when I first started contributing to the Photography Blog. Better late than never, I suppose. The following list contains the most commonly used digital photography terms. While it doesn’t include every single word or term used in the field, it does provide enough information to help you navigate your way through a camera manual and it will allow you to meet with a camera salesperson without wondering if he or she is speaking English. Aperture—-The opening behind the camera’s lens that permits … Continue reading

Digital Cameras for KIDS

If you have budding photographers in your family then you are likely familiar with the colorful, chubby digital cameras made just for kids. They are all the rage in my daughter’s playgroup and those kids are all under 4 years old. But the cameras are not only popular with our friends; I’ve seen the Fisher-Price Kid-Tough Digital Cameras (pink for girls and blue for boys) being toted around by random children at various public venues from the zoo to the state fair, the aquarium to the children’s museum. Despite the fact that my daughter’s pals have digital cameras and she … Continue reading

Where To Get Digital Photographs When You Don’t Have a Digital Camera

The key to digital scrapbooking is the digital photographs. However, many people have not upgraded to a digital camera for many reasons, but usually because they are partial to their film camera. I love my film camera, but I also own a digital camera in which I use frequently as well. What do you do when you don’t have a digital camera, and you want to get into digital scrapbooking? First off, you need pictures – photographs of whatever you want to create a scrapbook layout about. These photographs can come from negatives and film. That is okay, you just … Continue reading

The Early Christmas Present: Trouble for Murphy, Mr. Meow and Tabby

Because Wayne returned to his old job with the old hours (i.e. long and frequent), he knew he wasn’t going to have time for Christmas shopping. So last Sunday we went to Best Buy to get me a new digital camera: a Canon PowerShot SD 1000. Wow, is it slick! It’s my first digital camera so I have a bit of a learning curve to overcome, but who cares? That’s half the fun. Besides, it does a bunch of neat things my film camera couldn’t do –like take movies with sound! I haven’t had all that much time to play … Continue reading

Digital Cameras for Christmas

Do you have someone on your holiday gift list who is requesting a new digital camera? As prices drop (you can get a decent digital camera these days for about $200) it seems as though the number of people without digital cameras is dwindling. The pocket-sized devices are becoming an indispensable part of everyday life and the statistics prove it. According to a recent study, more than 105 million digital cameras were purchased in 2006. So what happens if you have a loved one who is requesting a digital camera for Christmas, but you don’t know which one to get? … Continue reading

Getting To Know Your Camera’s Features

In a previous blog I went out on a limb (not really) and estimated that a mere 15% of amateur photographers regularly use (or are familiar with) all of their camera’s features. Have you taken the time to really experiment with your digital camera? Making time to do so is not always an easy task. What’s more, trying to comprehend the wording in some of those camera manuals is often enough to discourage any new camera owner from paging beyond the part that gives directions on how to install the battery. Just point, shoot and be satisfied with whatever image … Continue reading

Top Cameras To Take Leaf Peeping

Over in the Travel blog I’ve been writing a lot about where to experience fall’s spectacular explosion of seasonal colors. As a result, I thought it only fitting to expand upon the subject of fall foliage in the Photography blog as well. This time of year if you visit a local park or drive to a lakeside retreat and you are bound to have multiple opportunities to capture a frame-worthy shot of nature’s most vibrant reds, yellows and oranges set against a cloudless cobalt blue sky. If you are still taking film to the great outdoors, you might consider going … Continue reading

Kodak’s New HD Line

Are you familiar with Oprah Winfrey’s “Favorite Things” show? Each year the talk show queen reveals the products she simply can’t live without and shares them with her audience. A few years ago she gave everyone in her studio audience a new Kodak digital camera. (Where was I?) After I got a look at the new items Kodak is releasing in time for the 2007 holiday season, I had to wonder if some lucky members in Oprah’s audience wouldn’t be walking away with one of them this year. Last month Kodak unveiled two new HD-enabled cameras–the Kodak EasyShare Z812 IS … Continue reading