Where To Get Digital Photographs When You Don’t Have a Digital Camera

The key to digital scrapbooking is the digital photographs. However, many people have not upgraded to a digital camera for many reasons, but usually because they are partial to their film camera. I love my film camera, but I also own a digital camera in which I use frequently as well. What do you do when you don’t have a digital camera, and you want to get into digital scrapbooking? First off, you need pictures – photographs of whatever you want to create a scrapbook layout about. These photographs can come from negatives and film. That is okay, you just … Continue reading

Product Review: Scrapbook MAX Digital Scrapbooking Software

Scrapbook MAX is a new really unique digital scrapbooking kit. The software uses a drag and drop design to simplify digital scrapbooking in a fast, fun and easy way. It makes it very user friendly and a breeze to use. Choose your photos and then you simply drag and drop your digital photos into the design space. From there you can build impressive, personalized scrapbooks by selecting backgrounds, images and different text options with your mouse. I was impressed by all the professionally-designed templates and backgrounds, photo-realistic embellishments, colored and textured paper scraps, traditional and whimsical frames, captions, speech bubbles … Continue reading