Home Based Business Opportunity – Celadon Road

If you decide to look for a direct sales home – based business opportunity when you decide to make the switch to working from home, you will be pleasantly surprised by just how many direct sales companies there are to choose from. Seriously, there are companies and products out there for just about every personality and lifestyle. Of course, if you are one of those people who has a hard time making decisions, narrowing down the options may be difficult but it is doable. If you are looking for a product line and company that fits in with an environmentally … Continue reading

The Sad News About Scrapbooking Company – Top Line Creations

Every scrapbooker dreams of doing what they love to earn an income. Many choose to sign with scrapbooking companies where they really do get paid for scrapbooking by selling products and other supplies which make scrapbooking easier both digitally and for the paper scrapper. Most people put forth a lot of effort to grow a business of their own and are devastated when it comes to a halt or they lose money. It was a sad day for Top Line Creations (TLC) consultant’s on April 4, 2008, as the following statement was released by corporate headquarters: “As of April 4, … Continue reading

Tips for Direct Sales (From a Customer/Hostess)

Recently, I hosted one of those parties–never mind what the product was, but it was the typical in-home party where I invite my friends and then a direct sales representative comes in and demonstrates the products. We sat around and ate fondue and chocolate mint cake, sipping sangria and the main event was the merchandise. I’ve had a few of thee parties and while I have never been tempted to become a sales representative myself, I do have some “critique” from this end that could be helpful to those who are… My first suggestion is to arrive early and get … Continue reading

Should You Start a Direct Sales Blog?

I love blogging. In fact, I am addicted to it. I actually learned how to blog a little over a year ago and was hooked the moment I wrote my first post. As I was learning how to blog, I was also leading an direct sales organization of over three-hundred consultants. I spent much of my time dreaming of ways that I could use a blog to communicate with my downline teams, customers, potential recruits and hostesses. Unfortunately, my company had a policy which restricted any form of online advertising so I wasn’t able to put my ideas into action. … Continue reading

Can You Really Start a Home Business for Less Than a Latte?

If you are considering starting your own home based business, I am sure you’ve heard the following phrases more than a few times. “Start your business for $199”. “Everything you need to get started for $10.00”. “Join today and start for free”. While many home-based companies offer a “starter-kit” of some sort that will help you launch your business, they also fail to mention all of the other expenses that will inevitably involved. Wouldn’t you love to read a truthful ad for once? “Start your own home business for $199″ (plus advertising costs, high-speed internet access, telephone service, business attire, … Continue reading

A Lesson from “Jane” – What NOT to do as a Direct Sales Person

I’ll never forget the day I told my family members that I was joining a direct selling business. “You are doing WHAT?” they asked…clearly stunned. Quite honestly, I think they would have taken the news better had I told them I’d quit my job as a social worker to become an exotic dancer. I used to wonder why many people had such negative opinions of the direct selling industry until I met “Jane”. This summer I set a booth up at a local craft fair for my business. Jane was in the booth next to me. She sprayed perfume on … Continue reading

Is it Time to Start Planning for Summer?

It is freezing outside and it has been for over a week. My kids are going crazy and I am suffering from a severe case of cabin fever myself. My tables are covered with paint, play dough, googly eyes, toilet paper rolls, beads and other odds and ends I’ve thrown in front of my kids to keep them from destroying my home. All day, I kept thinking, “I wish it was summertime”. I have fond memories of last summer when we played outside most of the morning. My kids were completely worn out by noon (and so was I) so … Continue reading

Are you really “multi-tasking” – or just doing several things poorly all at once?

If you’ve worked from home for awhile now, you’ve probably come to recognize that time management is key. I am the multi-tasking queen. Once, I managed to talk to a customer, change a diaper and pour bubble bath solution into a running tub all at once. Pretty impressive, huh? Not really. The problem with multi-tasking is that you really aren’t paying enough attention to the tasks at hand. While you might feel like you are getting a lot done, your children are getting short-changed (pardon the pun) while you are talking on the phone, and your customer is getting poor … Continue reading

Put a fork in me….

I’m done. I threw in the towel. Elvis left the building and the fat lady has sung. I quit. I never thought I would utter those words (or type them for that matter). While I am not proud of being a quitter…it just feels right this time. Allow me to rewind a few months. I used to be a direct sales Director with a large downline team. Each month my paycheck and my business continued to grow. Much like Andre Agassiz and Michael Jordan, I quit in my prime – only I left for a very different reason. It was … Continue reading

A Few Tips to Prevent Total Devastation When Your “World” Comes Crashing Down

It seems that every week I am learning about the closure of another direct selling company. While to most people, it may not seem like a big deal, I know firsthand what it is like to put your heart, your soul, your goals and your dreams into a home based endeavour. When I joined my first direct selling company a few years ago, I was in the process of completing my Master’s degree in Education. While I never planned to make a career out of selling products for that particular company, my eyes were opened to a world of entrepreneurship … Continue reading