Before Disaster Comes Show Your Love

Australia is reeling. A staggering number of lives have been lost as a result of the bushfires that have been rampaging for days. Whole towns have been wiped out. Many people have lost their homes and possessions in the worst disaster to hit Australia as bush fires rage through parts of Victoria. Fires have also hit New South Wales but to date no lives have been lost there. Other than the lives of loved ones, what would you try and save in case of a fire? It’s hard to imagine, isn’t it? As I started to think about what I’d … Continue reading

Helping Your Kids Deal With Life Changes: Writing A Life Book

Sometimes as parents we forget that childhood can be full of changes for our kids. These changes include developmental milestones like going from diapers to underwear. It can also include serious changes like divorce, death of a loved one or getting a new sibling after being an only child for many years. It can also include a life-altering experience like a hurricane that comes to town uninvited and uproots you from the only home you have ever known. Tyler has done remarkably well since Katrina but I know it bothers him that things have changed. I know he’s looking forward … Continue reading

The Hair Cutting Disaster

I was sitting at the computer earlier today writing a blog when my four-year-old came in the room and said, “Look Mommy, Tyler cut my hair.” I looked over and there were huge chunks of hair about four inches shorter than the rest framing her face. Now some of you parents may be thinking this sounds familiar, but for me it was a first time experience. The hair cutting scissors are locked away in my room and my kids have never tried to use regular scissors to cut their hair before. But today my six-year-old son got my hair cutting … Continue reading

A Scrapbooking Related Disaster

Recently I read about a gal on a scrapbook message board that had an album/scrapbooking related disaster and it got me thinking about it. She had stored her albums in a cardboard box in a garage at her parents’ house. Well, eventually the garage leaked, she moved boxes but threw a tarp over the box. Somehow the box wasn’t covered by the tarp and when she opened the box up the albums were ruined. Mold and mildew was everywhere. She obviously devastated as the hard work and money that had gone into those albums was destroyed. I believe she was … Continue reading