The Five Dollar Doctor

There is a lot of controversy about Obamacare and socialized medicine, but one thing is true (at least to me) – everyone deserves medical care.  How can you say that someone doesn’t deserve medical care just because they can’t afford insurance or aren’t lucky enough to work at a place that provides affordable insurance for them? All of this might not be a problem if more doctors were like Russell Dohner.  Granted, at age 87, Dr. Dohner is in his twilight years, but he still sees patients seven times a week at his practice in Rushville, IL, not far from … Continue reading

Keeping Kids Safe Online

When you are a single parent your child may spend more time unsupervised than you would like, it’s important to teach them basic safety. One of the big areas that you need to be concerned with is the internet. While there are many good things online, education things, there are other things that can be harmful if your child ventures in unsupervised. Everyone has heard stories of online predators and bullies, so how do we protect our kids? I think the most important thing you can do it talk with your children. Before they go online the first time it … Continue reading

Disney Tickets Together on Facebook

Everything goes through Facebook these days. Companies use it to network, advertising agencies promote their wares, and people play games and scroll through pictures of their friends. With everything attached to Facebook now, it’s hard to remember the early days of the site, back when it was only designed for students. Those days are long past, and now Facebook routinely performs one of its primary services as a marketing tool. Companies create pages for their products of which people can become fans; sometimes agencies also put together groups where fans come together and discuss their favorite show, clothing line, etc. … Continue reading

More Free Genealogy Websites

In my previous post, I talked about four of my favorite free genealogy websites. Besides the four listed in that post, there are many more free sites available to genealogists. Some of these websites I do not personally use, but in the interest of providing you with as many free resources as I can, I am including them here. I do want to mention that prior to posting any of these sites here, regardless if I have used them during my own personal research, I did spend time reviewing each one to ensure I only provide you with sites that … Continue reading

Four Best Free Online Genealogy Sources

My own personal favorite online resource for performing genealogy is, which requires a monthly subscription fee to access most records. They do offer a free 14 day trial to new users, which may be something a beginning genealogist may want to consider, but if you do not remember to cancel before the end of the trial, your account will be billed their normal monthly fee. There are many other websites available online that are completely free of charge. Here is a list of some of what I consider the best free genealogy websites. RootsWeb I consider RootsWeb to be … Continue reading

Using the Web to Connect With Other Single Parents

Being a single parent can lead to a feeling of isolation and loneliness, but the Internet provides us with so many places to connect with other parents in similar situations. These sites, often referred to as online communities or social network sites, allow single moms and dads to connect with others for friendship, advice, and even dating. Some popular social network sites include Facebook, CafeMom, and MySpace, but there are several sites dedicated to single parents. I Heart Single Parents: I Heart Single Parents claims to be the best online community for single parents. Users can create a free account, … Continue reading

It’s Not a Good Idea to Avoid the Doctor

There are many reasons we may avoid going to the doctor. For some people there is a sense of fear. My husband has always done his best to stay away from the doctor. I never really gave it much thought until one day he kept complaining about an ailment and I asked why he doesn’t just go to the doctor. His response was, “I don’t want to find out that something is wrong.” Even when we know something is wrong, sometimes we are afraid to actually hear about it. Now the particular ailment that my husband was complaining about wasn’t … Continue reading

The Dangers Of Seeking Health Info Online

I’m sure that most people will agree that having the Internet is a wonderful thing for the most part. We can find interesting articles, interact with people, send away for free samples, file our taxes, even find true love online. There are also some bad things about seeking out information over the Internet as well. Some of the negative things are the fact that people can pretend to be anything and anyone they want. This doesn’t bode well for those trying to date since you may think you’re talking to someone who looks like Johnny Depp and the person ends … Continue reading

Patient Rights

A big part of being a parent to a special needs child is frequent trips to the doctor. And more than anything, that means waiting. After all as Jerry Seinfeld once said, “They call it a waiting room for a reason. They’re gonna use it.” Our pediatrician’s office isn’t too bad. It’s the specialists that are the worst (especially if they are part of group that practices at a large hospital). Not only do they expect you to arrive 20 minutes early for an appointment (who are these people… TSA?), but then they offer no apologies for making you wait … Continue reading

Pediatrician Visits

When a child is sick, you know immediately that they will need to see their pediatrician. If they are only going in for a cold or flu, you know that the only thing you will need to tell their doctor is the symptoms they have had, how long they have lasted and what you have given them. For well child checkups, there isn’t much to know. The pediatrician will ask the questions that they need to know the answers to. However, if you have a concern about your child, you’ll need to be prepared for your visit. I am concerned … Continue reading