Donate and Get a Tax Break

Count up those donations and get a tax break! With the Fiscal Cliff looming in 2013, families much do as much as we can to cut our taxes in 2012. Donations and charitable contributions are one way to do just that. Make sure that you make your donations the right way, or you may lose out on valuable deductions. I know December is busy, but if you can take a few hours out of the afternoon for a day or two to collect and deliver donations, you’ll start the new year off with a little financial kickstart, and chances are … Continue reading

Shop to Help Kids!

I’d like to remind all of our readers that we can use our holiday shopping dollars to support people around the world, including our children’s countries of origin. Charities and/or fair trade cooperatives, which provide local craftspeople training and the chance to earn a fair price for their work, probably operate in your child’s country of origin, whatever that may be. One website alone (SERRV, which I reviewed last year) carries plaques and sculptural art made by Haitian artisans using recycled oil drums. SERRV carries scarves and textiles from India, Cambodia, Vietnam and Nepal as well as tableware from Chile … Continue reading

Hollywood Stars Giving Their All to Give to Those in Need

Justin Timberlake the singer/actor/fashion designer/restaurant owner is adding a new line to his resume—philanthropist. The 27-year-old former Mouseketeer is making headlines for digging deep and giving big to aid two organizations close to his heart. Last week, the Memphis native donated $100,000 each to the Memphis Rock ‘n’ Soul Museum and the Memphis Music Foundation in an effort to support music education. Timberlake dropped off the checks during a break from filming his new movie “The Open Road,” which is being shot not far from his boyhood Tennessee town. Executives with the organizations say they will use Timberlake’s contributions to … Continue reading

No Cost Ways to Donate to the ASPCA

Because I donate to the ASPCA, I get lots of literature from them. Many times it’s via email or accompanies donation request forms. Two things in recent such distributions have really stood out at me. Maybe you’ve seen them too if you’re an ASPCA supporter. (Or maybe you haven’t. Sometimes I don’t always read their emails as closely as I should.) If you aren’t a supporter, maybe you’ll be inspired to become one once you see these easy, fun options for doing so. Help the ASPCA by Spending Just a Little Time on the Internet • Register with and … Continue reading

Helping Children Learn to Make Charitable Choices

Many of us have taught our children about tithing and making charitable donations to organizations and causes of OUR choosing–but as children get older, we also need to help them learn how to evaluate and make their own choices about charities. As kids take ownership in causes of their own choosing, they can more fully experience the joys and responsibilities that come with charitable giving. They may need some guidance and encouragement, however, in figuring out who and what to give to. My kids have been raised with volunteering and assisting me in making charitable donations–but I realized a couple … Continue reading

Giving and Taxes

Hopefully you have already been aware all year of the changes in donations and charitable contributions in regards to your taxes. This is a big year of transition; therefore if you haven’t been keeping adequate records, you may have lost an opportunity for a tax deduction. Still, there is one month left of 2007 and many individuals give the most during the holidays. Therefore, it is worth mentioning some of these changes as we head into this season of giving. The main change in regards to your taxes comes with the paperwork necessary to prove a valid donation. This is … Continue reading

18 Zoos and Aquariums Worthy of Your Donations

Rounding out the categories for animal-centered organizations worthy of your donations is zoos and aquariums. (Previously the top 79 animal rights, welfare, and service organizations and the top 24 wildlife conservation organizations were listed.) “Top” standings were derived by using ratings generated by Charity Navigator. Any zoo or aquarium that they gave four stars (their highest rating) to meant it passed mustard and made the list. The zoos and aquariums are listed in alphabetical order and are linked to their websites. In cases where the information was readily available, each zoos number of animals and acres is also listed. 1. … Continue reading

Donating Products and Services to Charity Events

Looking for ways to market and promote your business and do good in your community? Donating products and services from your business is one way that small businesses can have an impact, all the while getting the word out and creating good will around their business efforts. Consider the benefits of donating products and services to charity events… Chances are, your community has plenty of fundraising events and charity auctions and you may already get personal solicitations inviting you to attend or contribute. The silent auction has become the mainstay of many nonprofit organization’s fundraising events and those auction committees … Continue reading

End of the Garage Sale: What Do I Do With All This Stuff?

When your garage sale is finally over, you can feel a sense of relief, but it can also be stressful. There are many decisions that have to be made, and generally, the depend on whether you plan to continue the sale at a later date. Having Another Sale Sometimes, a garage sale will be planned again for the next day, or the following weekend. In fact often, you might plan to have another garage sale at a much later date. If you fall under this category, the items that remain at the end of the sale, will need some attention. … Continue reading

Door-To-Door Charity Collectors

It’s your child’s naptime and the door rings, the dog barks and there stands someone who may have overlooked your “No Soliciting” sign outside the door. Has this happened to you? Alright, what about after you’ve sat down to dinner with your family and you hear a knock at the door and there stands a person quickly stating, “I’m not here to sell anything…”? This bothers some families more than others; I too am one of those who are bothered by my uninvited company. Sadly, most of us can’t help but be skeptical of the motive behind a stranger asking … Continue reading