Make Money from Mom’s Taxi

Just when you thought you couldn’t wear another hat, your kid decides to join the school’s soccer team and now you are spending yet another afternoon carting him to and from practice, in addition to driving him to piano lessons, Scouts, and karate. Mom’s taxi is constantly on the move, so why not make money from your driving skills? While it’s not a traditional home business, running an independent taxi service is not a far-fetched idea for an ambitious mom; especially one who practically lives in her vehicle. If you are worried about the type of people you’d be driving … Continue reading

Teenagers and Driving

As the only adult in my home we only needed one car, after all, I was the only one who could drive. As Hailey got older things started to get more complicated. There were days spent with friends and evenings at drama club. I knew that once she got a job it would be even crazier. As soon as she turned fifteen I took her to get her learners permit. I was then very grateful for her father. I’m a nervous driver, snow, rain and other people make me crazy. I knew I was not the best person to teach … Continue reading

The Reality of Having a Licensed Driver

I have been up since 4 a.m. and it isn’t on purpose. I woke up to use the bathroom but when I tried to settle back to sleep, all I could think about was the new chapter ahead of our family. My 16-year-old son passed his driver’s license test yesterday. The state of Wisconsin has made it legal for him to drive…by himself. I really wasn’t prepared for the feelings this would dredge up. I was torn between excitement for him, a sense of relief that soon my days of driving him all over town would be done but then … Continue reading

Minimizing the Stress of Commuting While Pregnant

Commuting to work is a pain to begin with, but pregnancy can makes things even more complicated. Pregnancy and stress don’t mix well; unfortunately, commuting and stress do. Add the possibility of being far from home when your water breaks or complications arise, and the stress compounds. Here are some tips for keeping commuting stress to a minimum. Stay comfortable. If you have a long drive to work, just sitting in the car for an extended amount of time can make you sore, especially in the third trimester when pelvic, hip and joint pain are common due to the hormone … Continue reading

Car Accident With Baby

We got in our first car accident with our baby today. It was very minor, thankfully, but it left me feeling very shaken. Our little dear has been down with a cold for a few days, and we decided a little fresh air would be good for all of us. Since we were running low on groceries, we bundled up and headed to the store. After shopping and loading our bags into the car, I got into the back and began buckling our daughter into her car seat. My husband waited in the front for us to finish, keys in … Continue reading

What Can You Do on Bad Air Quality Days?

I was driving around Portland last week when one of those traffic message boards nearly stopped me in my tracks: HIGH SMOG TODAY. It went on to suggest that I limit my driving (hard to do when one is already in the car and on the road). I didn’t think the Pacific Northwest was a major smog area, but I guess the traffic message flashers don’t lie. Air quality depends on a lot of things, including what’s in the air (it may be particulate matter, ozone, carbon monoxide, even pollen and mold). Urban areas tend to have more problems with … Continue reading

Stay Awake (and Alive) on the Road

It’s a holiday weekend here in the United States — and lots of people are taking an end-of-summer trip. The roads were extra crowded yesterday and this morning as people headed out of town for summer’s last hurrah. One danger of road trips is getting sleepy when you’re behind the wheel. And it isn’t just vacationers who are at risk! Folks who work third shift, people who drive long distances every day, and people who don’t get enough sleep are at risk for heavy eyelids while on the road. Here are some things you can do to help stay awake … Continue reading

Summer Travel Tidbits: Roadkill, Reckless Driving and Record High Gas Prices

ROADKILL If you are planning to drive along Illinois highways this summer don’t expect the views to be very pleasant. Unless you enjoy staring at miles and miles of roadkill, you will likely find the drive somewhat… well… gross. According to the state’s transportation department, it simply doesn’t have enough money to pick up as much roadkill as it normally does this time of year because it spent too much of its budget during the winter months. Representatives from IDOT say they spent more than twice the allotted $40 million to clear ice and snow during last winter’s severe storms … Continue reading

Father’s Day Travel Ideas—Gentlemen, Start Your Engines!

Think about it; does your dear ol’ dad really need a new tie or yet another framed picture of you for Father’s Day? And those grill tongs you were considering gifting him with… are they really the way you want to honor him next month? If you are looking for a way to really wow your pop come June 15th how about putting your gift giving ideas in overdrive and letting him take a racecar out for a spin around an actual NASCAR oval. Driving schools are hotter than ever and for those who feel the need for speed it … Continue reading

Travel Tidbits: Strap in Your Dog and Hide Your Camels

STRAP IN YOUR DOG I see them all the time, and frankly, my daughter gets the biggest kick when we pass one. I’m sure you’ve driven by a few on the highway yourself. I’m referring to pet owners who cruise down the street in their vehicles with their pets on their laps. Well, the cushy ride might be over for some furry friends if California lawmakers get their way. Earlier this week a bill passed the Assembly banning motorists from holding pets on their laps while driving. Disobey the rule and you’ll be slapped with a $35 fine. The bill … Continue reading