Mayo Clinic: Vaping Causes Health Risks to Teens

Is your teenager vaping? Many people believed that vaping is less harmful than smoking cigarettes. Since then, new information has revealed that there are some health risks that come from vaping. The Mayo Clinic points out that vaping can negatively affect health of teens. Part of the reason is because the vaping liquid includes nicotine.  According to the Mayo Clinic, nicotine dependence in teens and young adults is particularly concerning because when a person is younger than 25, the brain is still developing. Exposing a developing brain to an addictive drug such as nicotine can potentially lead to permanent alterations in … Continue reading

Things Parents Should Know About Vaping

The results of a national survey about teens and vaping was published on The New England Journal of Medicine on December 17, 2018. Here are some things parents should know about vaping. What is vaping? The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center has a good explanation of vaping: “E-cigarettes are nicotine delivery devices that have a battery, a heating element and a container for liquid. When liquid is heated, users inhale the vapor. The liquids are usually flavored and contain nicotine, so users experience a taste sensation as well as a hit of the same addictive stimulant found in … Continue reading