The Case of the Missing Earring 3

This is a three-part series. Although it concerns the events of mostly one day, the story is divided into three. You can only get so much of a good thing at one time. Plus, I like threes. I hope you will come back each day to read it all. I moved the bed and examined the floor again in daylight. Nothing. Finally I did the old pantyhose vacuum trick. I sacrificed a stocking in my efforts. The gremlins, having the stocking draw called to attention decided to explore that as well, turning stocking and pantyhose into rope for tug-of-war. Yes, … Continue reading

Scrapbooking Jewelry

A scrapbooker is always on the lookout for any fun gifts or gadgets that show off their love of scrapbooking. With each passing day, dozens of items have made their debut on the scrapbooking gifts circuit. Just look at the great jewelery items I found. Penny Michelle carries some of the gorgeous pieces you see below. She has these pieces for sale on her website, but she also takes special orders. You can customize what type of piece you would like, and what items you would like it made with. She has dozens of designs that are for scrapbookers and … Continue reading

Three Ideas for Frugal Earring Storage

Earring organizers are very trendy at the accessory stores, but there really no need to spend a lot of money to organize your earrings. Here are three great ways to store them frugally. See which method works the best for you. I tend to store my earrings in a cubby drawer on my bed’s headboard. The problem is, though, is that I always find myself rummaging around for a matching pair. I’m always worried that I might accidentally knock one out of the cubby and have it lost forever. A great solution to prevent the searching and the panic can … Continue reading

New Uses for Old Earrings

Do you have a bunch of old earrings that you never wear anymore? Earrings can be like single socks, one of the pair generally gets lost and then you can’t do anything with them. So you throw them in a drawer, and there they stay. Well, here are some frugal ways to take advantage of all of those unwanted earrings in some fun new ways. (And if you don’t have any unwanted earrings, check out your local thrift store or tag sale, where they can be had for pennies for a bagful.) One of the most fun ways to use … Continue reading