Keeping the Peace

Any semblance of peace that may blanket your home tonight will be shattered once dawn breaks on Easter Sunday. Kids will be running around like Energizer bunnies looking for sweet treats left behind by the holiday hare, and once they hit pay dirt, they’ll be even more amped thanks to the endless amount of sugar coursing through their little bodies. However, sugar highs only last so long.  So, how do you stay calm when your kids start to crash? Say “No” without saying “No”:  Your preschooler wants to polish off an entire family of Peeps before you leave the house … Continue reading

Ideas for Easter Fun Without the Calories

Want to serve up heaping helpings of holiday fun without spending a ton of money on high-fat, high-sugar, high-calorie Easter treats that’ll turn your kids into Energizer bunnies? Take a look in a book. These adorable Easter reads are the perfect addition to a sugar-free holiday basket or a great way to bond in bed with your child as you countdown to Sunday’s visit from the gift-bearing bunny: Easter Bunny on the Loose!:  A Seek and Solve Mystery There’s an emergency in Easterville and your kid gets to play detective.  Wendy Wax and Dave Garbot team up for this fun-filled, … Continue reading

Ways to Spice Up Your Easter Party

Add some spring to your step and kick up your upcoming Easter get-together with extended family and friends.  The following fun-filled activities are designed to supplement traditional egg hunts without breaking the bank or forcing you to your breaking point: Craft Stations:  Before the annual Easter egg hunt gets underway have kids partake in some craft making.  This can be done by setting up various stations in your home.  Not only do these project centers keep kids busy while the adults mingle, but they also ensure your youngest guests have something to take home besides a bunch of chocolate.  An … Continue reading

Affordable Easter Treats That Won’t Cause Cavities

When Peter Cottontail’s cousin comes hopping down the bunny trail this Easter he’s sure to leave behind a smorgasbord of sugary treats, much to the delight of your children… and their dentist. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with indulging in a few Easter goodies, parents may want to supplement their kids’ saccharine-laced haul with a couple of holiday treats that won’t cause cavities. Easter-themed books starring popular children’s literary characters are a wonderful alternative to gigantic jelly beans, colossal chocolate creatures and marshmallow menageries.  What’s more, you won’t have to go into debt purchasing these fun-filled page turners that are … Continue reading

Free Easter Apps for iPhone

Looking for an Easter treat that doesn’t involve sugar? Running low on your budget for Easter treats? There is a solution! Try some of these free Easter apps for iPhone that are legally free to download from iTunes. Easter fun can be frugal (and contain zero calories). Easter Egg Painter is a free app for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. It requires iOS 3.2 or later. Choose a color, pick out what size of brush you want to use, and decorate a virtual Easter egg. When you are done you can take a screenshot of your masterpiece and send it … Continue reading

Hunting for Easter Fun

Easter is a fun-filled holiday for kids of all ages with much of the excitement saved for the traditional egg hunt that serves as the centerpiece of family get-togethers. Of course, for some, “traditional” can translate to “boring.”  If you fear that your upcoming Easter egg hunt may leave your pint-sized guests snoozing rather than shouting with glee, consider the following ideas: Scavenger Hunt:  This hunt requires looking for clues as well as eggs.  Start off by placing an egg next to each clue.  Next, begin the hunt as a group.  The first child who figures out the clue gets … Continue reading

Seasonal Surprises in San Diego

Nothing beats spring in gorgeous San Diego.  The amazingly comfortable temperatures, sun-kissed shores and hundreds of family-friendly attractions make the California city a popular vacation destination. This season San Diego is blossoming with a slew of surprises for visitors.  Take a look at the following date, and then planning accordingly so you can make the most of your time and money in “America’s Finest City”: LEGOLAND:  Beginning March 8th, LEGOLAND debuts its newest attraction, a 4-D movie, “LEGO Legend of Chima.”  The flick will be shown at the LEGO Show Place Theater and features a wild chase through the imaginary … Continue reading

Free Easter Apps for Android

A fun way to celebrate any holiday is to play with an app that was designed with the holiday in mind. This is also a good way to have some frugal fun – especially if the app you want to play with can be legally downloaded for free! Here are some Easter themed apps that are for Android devices. Easter Egg Blitz can be downloaded for free. It requires a minimum operating system of Android 2.2. It is a game where you control a cute rabbit and try to collect as many of the falling eggs as possible. Don’t let … Continue reading

Basket Full of Fun

Easter is right around the corner and there is no shortage of egg, chick and bunny-shaped paraphernalia available to cram into your loved ones’ baskets.  But what if you don’t want to stick with the traditional basket or fillers this year? For those looking to hop down Bunny Trail with a few unique Easter or spring-themed treats, consider the following: Teacup:  Personalize plain, inexpensive teacups for your family members and friends and fill them with foil-covered chocolate Easter eggs.  Next, nestle a few artificial flowers inside, and then wrap the entire cup in organza or tulle. Bakery Boxes:  Plain, cardboard … Continue reading

The Sugar Rush Cometh

It’s Halloween in spring; otherwise known as Easter. Only, instead of going door-to-door to collect sweet treats, kids run around like decapitated chickens hunting for plastic eggs filled with chocolate goodness under bushes, in trees and behind rocks. If parents are lucky, their children will actually make it back to the hunt’s home base with at least a few pieces of uneaten candy to show for their efforts.  The unlucky moms and dads are left to pluck their kids from wherever it is they decide to plant their tiny tushes mid-hunt and picnic from a basket bulging with marshmallow chicks, … Continue reading