Easy Ways for Single Parents to Make Extra Money

One of my biggest challenges being a single mom is dealing with finances, especially around birthdays and holidays. However, I have discovered some easy ways to make a little extra money when times are tight (well, tighter than normal, anyways). eBay and Craigslist Ebay and Craiglist are excellent places to sell your old, unwanted things online. I usually put smaller items on eBay and larger items on Craigslist. I can typically earn an extra $50-$100 selling mostly old clothes and toys on eBay. Craigslist has always been hit-or-miss for me. I once listed a treadmill for $75, and it was … Continue reading

How to Get First Pick at Outgrown Sales

This weekend, there are two very big outgrown sales near my home. These are the type of sales that frugal people like myself wait for all year long. I can get some really nice children’s clothing and toys for less than the cost of new. One thing, though that will be different this year, is that there will be a lot more competition for the bargains. Usually these type of sales do well, but they still need to advertise to get a good turn out. This year, however, the organizers have been saying that they are worried about the rush … Continue reading

Buy a Home for $1.75

It seems that the housing crisis has made some interesting news lately. While auctioning off homes is nothing new, especially with the rash of foreclosures that have been happening, and auctioning off homes on eBay is still not surprising, getting an entire house for only $1.75 is something noteworthy. The Saginaw News of Saginaw, Michigan is reporting that a Chicago woman won an eBay auction for a home. There were eight bids in total. Of course, the home will actually cost the woman a bit more than the $.75. She has to pay an additional amount of approximately $850 for … Continue reading

Pop Culture Potpourri–Ebay No-No and Star Tells Students to Just Say No

EBAY NO-NO They insist it was a joke, but police and millions of Internet users around the world aren’t laughing one bit. Sad but true; according to police near Berlin, Germany a young couple has been taken into custody for allegedly trying to sell their baby on eBay. The 7-month-old boy is now in custody and his parents are behind bars after they reportedly posted an ad on eBay offering to sell the child for one euro, which is the equivalent of $1.57. While the child remains in the care of youth services authorities are investigating the case and could … Continue reading

Selling Your Stuff on Ebay

One thing that many thrifty people do is to sell their used items on Ebay. Not only do these people generally recoup the cost of their items and thereby reduce their budget, but they also can make a profit. This is a nice way to get paid to have your kids wear nice clothes, for example. Some people make selling on Ebay a full time job, scouting out suppliers and then selling the goods. While I’ll leave the heavy business selling strategies to the Home Biz blog, I do have a few tips for those of us who can use … Continue reading

From Soggy to SOLD

It was the story that had cereal lovers examining each and every cornflake BEFORE putting it in their mouths. And one that made me nearly gag on my morning muffin. Now the drama is finally over and two sisters from Virginia are $1,350 richer for it. For those of you who haven’t had your breakfast subjected to this corny tale allow me to get you caught up: Twenty-three-year-old Melissa McIntire and her 15-year-old sister Emily were innocently filling their bowls with cornflakes earlier this month when they came across a flake they swore looked exactly like the state of Illinois. … Continue reading

Computing Week in Review: January 28th Through February 3rd

What a Super Bowl it was last night. Did you root for the winners or sympathize with the other team? By know, you probably know who one, but just in case you don’t I won’t reveal any secrets. How did you watch the game (if you did)? On a brand new HDTV or through Internet updates? Either way, technology is pretty cool, isn’t it? In case you missed any of last week’s articles in the Computing Blog, here they are again, in the week in review. January 28th Computing Week in Review: January 21st Through January 27th Want some free … Continue reading

Feedback Changes at EBay Worry Sellers

The user feedback system at EBay will be changing, and it has a lot of sellers worried. Will you be affected by the changes? In an earlier article, I wrote about some of the listing fee changes that EBay was instituting in an effort to get more sellers online and listing their goods. (If you missed that earlier article, you can click here to read it. EBay Slashes Fees!) Now on February 20th, there will be additional changes, this time having to do with leaving feedback. The feedback system, allowing buyers and sellers to rate each other, has been in … Continue reading

EBay Slashes Fees!

Even EBay is feeling the heat. With consumer spending down and many young new e-commerce companies successfully gaining ground, the auction giant is slashing its listing fees in order to boost listings and remain competitive. EBay announced today that listing fees will be cut up to 50 percent. The company hopes the reduced fees will encourage more people to use the service to sell their goods. Lately, EBay has been suffering from stagnant growth and fewer listed items. But hold on, before you comb through the attic for Great Aunt Talula’s doll collection or Grandpa’s commemorative baseball cap, know that … Continue reading

Frugal Ideas for Unwanted Gifts (2)

If you have some gifts that just weren’t a perfect fit, don’t worry. You can use these tips to take advantage of having those gifts, even if they weren’t exactly what you wanted. Don’t just throw those gifts in a drawer, closet or basement, never to be seen again. Use them frugally! This is the second part of the earlier article: Frugal Ideas for Unwanted Gifts (1). In that article, we talked about two ideas for those unwanted gifts, now we’ll follow up with three more ideas: Exchange, Sell and Donate. Here we go. Exchange Having an exchange is a … Continue reading