More Natural Cleaning Solutions for Pregnant Women

In the last segment, I told you about some simple ways to use vinegar and baking soda to clean your house. It’s a great way to avoid the use of harsh chemicals, which is especially important during pregnancy, and it’s good for the environment, too. There are other natural and safe ingredients you can use to clean as well. For disinfecting surfaces, tea tree oil is a natural disinfectant. You can find tea tree oil at your local drug store or health store. Mix two cups of water, three tablespoons of liquid soap, and about 25 drops of tea tree … Continue reading

Environmentally Friendly Gifts

Christmas and holiday gift giving is getting both harder and easier to do each year. I remember having to stretch my dollars to buy gifts for people that I hardly new: the person I see at the office coffee machine in the morning, kids of acquaintances, and a bevy of college friends. These days, things are a bit easier in the sense that most of us have agreed to stop the present giving madness. We are toning down the excess, which is always a good thing. Instead, we chose things for our immediate family, parents and very close friends. It … Continue reading

Dreaming of a Green Christmas?

Can we go green for Christmas? There are some environmentally friendly ways to prepare for the holidays. One really good way to do so is by recycling things you have around the house as you package gifts for shipping. Start by using boxes you have instead of purchasing new boxes for shipping. Then, try these tips: Plastic Grocery Bags Use clean plastic grocery bags between items in a shipping box to cushion gifts and keep them from bouncing around. Bunch them up and stuff all the empty spaces full to help protect gifts and keep wrapping from becoming damaged, as … Continue reading

Conserving Natural Resources at Home: Saving Water

Part of being environmentally conscious includes saving natural resources and each of us can do our part in our own homes. One important aspect of conserving resources is saving water by finding ways to avoid waste. One simple method was described in a previous article on environmentally friendly tips. Collecting rain water for watering plants, flowers, gardens, and lawns is a good first step. Another good way to avoid wasting water is to capture water when you turn on the faucet and let it run until it gets hot. Between half a gallon and up to several gallons of water … Continue reading

Building a Home? A Few Environmentally Friendly Tips

Okay, to be real honest, I’m not all caught up in man-made global warming hype, especially since I’m old enough to remember the “global cooling” hype from when I was in grade school. Still, there is something to be said for caring for our planet. We should not be reckless with the environment and I believe we have a duty to leave the Earth better than we found it for those who follow after us. When building a home, there are a few fairly simple measures that can be instituted to help protect the Earth. Choosing a building site is … Continue reading

IBM Offers Service in Green

The Project Big Green service promises to reduce overall energy use by five billion kilowatt-hours per year. Is it possible? IBM believes so. It plans on offering services that promote energy efficiency. Read on to learn about IBMs plan. You may have read my earlier article about Apple’s plans to reduce toxic chemicals by eliminating them from their monitors in an effort to be a greener company. It is also switching to LED backlit monitors, which are much more energy efficient than standard LCD ones. Now IBM is stepping in with its own green plan. The difference here is that … Continue reading