Three Common Errors Photographers Make

There are no real rules for a person who owns a camera, maybe “take lots of pictures”. Just because you own a camera, doesn’t mean you have to know much about it. However, if you are striving to be a better photographer, or you consider yourself beyond the point and shoot stage, there are a few things you need to realize can happen. It is entirely possible to avoid the most common problems, and being more aware of them can help your photographs be the best they can possibly be. Here are three common errors that photographers tend to make. … Continue reading

10 Most Common Photo Mistakes Scrapbookers Make (2)

While there is no right or wrong way to scrapbook, photos are known to make or break the layout. With proper preparation you can be sure that you don’t make any of the most common mistakes made. Here are five more of the top ten most common photo mistakes that scrapbookers make, and how they can be avoided. Camera Shake – This is actually more common than we would like to admit. Usually occurs when the wind is blowing, or the photographer moves or shakes slightly. The only way to help is to keep the camera as steady as possible … Continue reading

Biggest Scrapbooking Mistakes – Journaling That Goes Nowhere

Journaling that goes nowhere is simply that. It is journaling that gives no information, doesn’t explain anything, or tell what is really happening in the photos. First of all, there is nothing wrong with journaling that doesn’t give specific information. Sometimes we find favorite photos that we may just want to journal a letter or advice to a child or the person depicted in the photograph. That in itself can complete a layout. But what I am really talking about when I refer to journaling that goes nowhere, is the scrapbooker who just plain despises journaling. You know you’re out … Continue reading

Biggest Scrapbooking Uh-Oh’s part one

If you’ve been scrapbooking as long as I have, you are sure to have run into an uh-oh or two, otherwise known as a scrapbooking regret or possible blunder. Not everyone feels the same way about what they regret doing, but everyone has at least one or two. There are the ten biggest blunders or uh-oh’s scrapbookers tend to look back upon and have total regret for: Shapes – Goodness knows if you scrapbooked back in the late 90’s you have them. Shapes of all sorts, adorning your precious pages. Your poor photos are more than likely cropped into stars … Continue reading