Epcot International Food & Wine Festival 2011

The Epcot Food & Wine Festival is just around the corner, so that means it’s time to look at what events are on the schedule this year. The festival runs from September 30 to November 13, and you can bet that those weeks are the ones I most wish to visit Orlando. Some of the F&W special parties require ticketing in advance. For a list of the most exclusive for which, if you’re interested, you ought to book now, check out my previous article here. Other events, while they do require that ahead-of-time admission, happen often enough or are large … Continue reading

Disney D23 Expo Report, Pt. 2

The hottest panels at D23 were for companies Disney recently acquired, like Pixar and Marvel On Tuesday I looked at the exciting news about Pixar’s next projects that came out of Disney’s D23 convention. Today I’m going to wrap up my examination of the reports from D23. Now it’s time for the Muppets. D23 didn’t tell us a lot about the film that we don’t already know from the movie’s many trailers, but the two previewed clips cement what we’d suspected: that this is the most Muppet-y Muppets film we’ve had in a long time. The first clip expanded on … Continue reading

Disney D23 Expo Report

D23 has come and gone, and with it all the latest news of Disney’s upcoming features. As I anticipated, despite not announcing anything about them very far in advance, D23 offered some fantastic sneak peak at the Mouse House’s most anticipated upcoming films. Entertainment Weekly has the scoop on the new films. The Expo was packed with Pixar previews. We got tidbits of what to expect from “Monsters University”: expect Mike and Sully to be a little thinner, less shaggy, and with some orthodontia. The movie focuses on how the two form their friendship. They’ve actually known each other all … Continue reading

Disney D23 Expo 2011

The time has arrived: with the D23 Disney Expo just around the corner on August 19-21, the full schedule of events has finally been released. Chances are you know by now whether or not you’re going, but just in case I’ll go over the highlights of the Expo today. I wanted to present the details sooner, but unfortunately Disney didn’t release them until now. Each day is absolutely packed, so if you want to view the entire schedule visit the official D23 Expo website. I’ll present the best looking options for each day here. 2011 is the year for Disney … Continue reading

D23 Screenings and Expo

A photo snapped during a tour of the Walt Disney Archives Way back in January I looked at the D23 events planned for the first six months of the year. I promised that once the official Disney fan club posted details on what they had going on for the second half of the year, I’d share. Well, now June has rolled around and I’m trying to make good on my promise. The thing is there really isn’t that much more going on for D23, at least not that’s been announced yet. June 18 sees an already-sold-out screening of the original … Continue reading

Dates in Genealogy

Dates are an important piece of doing genealogy. You will be coming across dates for all types of historical events, from births and deaths, to immigrations and naturalizations, to land purchases and sales. Each date you will come across in genealogy will have its own importance to your research, and so you will want to ensure you record them accurately. There are many ways to write a date, depending on where you reside in the world, or your personal preference. In genealogy, there is a standard rule of thumb for writing dates. You should always format your dates by day, … Continue reading

What To Do, What To See This Week/End – April 20-25, 2010

If you live in the Chicago area, you might want to head over to 77 East Randolph Street tonight for a maternity style event that will knock your panel pants off. Career fashionista Amy Tara Koch, who has two children of her own and is the trend reporter for NBC, will be hosting Fashion Focus Chicago’s “Bump It Up: Transform Your Pregnancy into the Ultimate Style Statement,” inspired by the book of the same name. It starts at 6pm and it is FREE. Learn how to inexpensively create beautiful maternity outfits without spending a fortune. There will also be makeup … Continue reading

Scrapbooking Extraordinary Moments and Events in Life

It isn’t the first time I’ve mentioned it, and more than likely, it certainly won’t be the last. Scrapbooking those hard times, the things we would rather leave unspoken. But what kind of picture does it depict when someone glances through our albums and everything looks perfectly rosy and happy all of the time? Most families are touched by divorce in some way, yet this is a topic you don’t see in scrapbook layouts very often. I can honestly say, I have actually created a 2 page layout about my divorce. I haven’t slipped it into an album yet, for … Continue reading

Blended and Divorced Families and Major Events—Part Two

I promised when I was writing Part One of this series on getting through major family events when you are part of a blended, divorced, and rearranged modern family that I would write this article providing tips for HOW to actually cope and survive. I do think there are some skills and coping mechanisms that can make it less stressful. Try to remember that you STILL cannot control what other people do or how they react. I know this can be a hard one and I am one of those single parents whose first inclination is try to organize the … Continue reading

Blended and Divorced Families and Major Events—Part One

For many of us single parents, most of the time we can get away with NOT having to interact with our ex-in-laws or other extended family members on a regular basis. In fact, as the children get older—even parents who have shared custody may find that they rarely have to talk to each other. When major life events come along, however—such as a wedding, funeral, birth of a baby, or (as is my current family situation, graduation)—we are forced to have to figure out how to get along, coordinate and/or detach in order to salvage what sanity we can. I … Continue reading