Scrapbookers Block

We have all heard of writers block. I have been known to suffer from it myself. Less known is what I call scrapbookers block. It’s similar to writers block. You are ready to scrapbook. You have all of your pictures and supplies out, ready to go, but then suddenly you are stuck. Now what? You have absolutely no idea how to go about creating your page. Perhaps you have been stuck in a pattern where every page or album looks pretty much the same, with only the colors being different. You are tired of putting together simple pages. But you … Continue reading

10 Must Have’s for Dorm Room Decorating

Dorm rooms have numerous restrictions when it comes to decorating. They can usually be worked around by purchasing lots of bedding and accessories to brighten up the room, but this year budgets are squeezed making imagination a necessity. 1. 3m removable hooks for hanging frames photographs from home and to hang other lightweight miscellaneous items. 2. Blue tack for hanging inexpensive posters and photographs. 3. Bed risers or cinder blocks to lift the bed so you can create storage underneath. Loft beds may be too much of an expense, but lifting the bed just a food or two can make … Continue reading

How to Plan a Family Movie Night

If a typical television evening in your home is three different televisions showing three different shows at the same time then it may be time to introduce a fun family movie night. This event is a great way of bringing your family together. Here are some ideas about how to plan a family movie night. Pick a day and time This is the first step in planning a family movie night. You can choose to make it a one-time thing or have it as a regular family event. Friday nights are usually a great time to plan a family movie … Continue reading

Clever Ideas Around the Home & Yard

Sometimes you have a problem around your home that can be fixed with just a little bit of ingenuity. How many times have we lived with an issue or paid for an expensive solution while wishing for something better? Well, most families are pretty smart and creative about coming up with great ideas. For example, in a previous blog I posted about How I heard that you could use your solar pathway lights for indoor lighting in the case of losing power. There is a magazine that we get called Living The Country Life. ( It is a magazine devoted … Continue reading

Put a Little Christmas on Your Layouts

Scrapbooking supplies are expensive, and if you are looking for a frugal alternative, I’ve got some ideas for you. Christmas decorations are pretty plentiful at this time of year. There are dozens of ways you can incorporate all types of materials into your scrapbooks, so why not look at the holidays for a little inspiration? Wrapping Paper – We all wind up with a large amount of wrapping paper scraps. If you are truly frugal, you probably save them convinced that somewhere down the line you will find a gift for someone that is just that small. It could happen, … Continue reading

Free Printable Scrapbook Papers

Surely there is no greater sound that hearing the word free. Of course, many people think that nothing in life is free, and in some ways that is true. But if you are frugal minded and a scrapbooker, here are a few free printable items, including scrapbook papers for your layouts that will help you design beautiful pages every time. If you know of a source I forgot to include, send me a private message and it will make it the next go round. Scrapbook Scrapbook – Talk about endless ideas and free supplies. Papers, embellishments, templates – all printable … Continue reading

Home Week in Review: July 28th Through August 3rd

What makes a house a home? Is it the little decorating touches, the noises of little feet stomping down the stairs in the morning or the feeling that when you enter your home you’ve left the world behind? However you define your home, you’ll find lots of ways in the Home Blog to personalize it and keep it cozy and safe. Here is a review of last week’s articles. July 28th When Remodeling, Consider the Neighbors If you are planning a remodeling project, it is important to consider the neighbors. No, not because they might complain but because their home … Continue reading

Sudden Inspiration

Most of the time, I feel like I am working and plugging away at my home business. I don’t necessarily feel bogged down, but I cannot say that I am one of those people who you see on television interviews who claim that they have the “ideal” job and that they are getting paid to play. Usually it is over-paid celebrities who really are playing for pay who say this but occasionally an entrepreneur will share that he is living the work-less dream. That is not me. That is probably whey when I get those sudden bursts of inspiration, it … Continue reading

Don’t Waste Your Money on Scrapbooking Magazines

It goes without saying, that if you have a very favorite scrapbooking magazine, there is nobody that should influence your decision to purchase it. Especially if it keeps your mo-jo flowing and the churning out of scrapbooking layouts. So why did I title this post this way? Scrapbooking magazines have taken a major nose dive in the past several years. I was recently cleaning out my bookshelf where I have a collection of scrapbooking magazines that should put me to shame. I While they go back all the way to the mid 90’s, I was started to see that in … Continue reading

Scrapbooking Week in Review for May 12-18, 2008

School’s almost out, the days are getting longer and warmer and we had another great week in the scrapbooking blog. Who could ask for much more? Hopefully by now you have noticed that I have changed things up a bit this month and that there are now new ideas and step by step directions included more often. Here’s what has been happening in the scrapbooking blog. What is Hybrid Scrapbooking? If you are active in the scrapbooking community at all, you might have seen reference to a new term dubbed hybrid scrapbooking. But what in the world does it mean? … Continue reading