Enrichment Tip: Speak Out

Having a healthy relationship takes work. No relationship among two people is without conflict. While some mates handle their differences better than others, relationship enrichment can be positive for all couples. Enriching your marriage and strengthening your bond with your mate does not necessarily take a complete make-over. If you consider yourself to be in a fairly good and healthy relationship, then there are simple measures that you can take to enhance the connection that you and your partner share. If you feel that your relationship is struggling and in need of much work, the tips in my next few … Continue reading

Product Review: The New Cricut Expression

They redesigned it, they added new features, they made it bigger and better and easier to use. So, is it really worth the huge chunk of change dished out to upgrade to the new “better” Cricut Expression model? Many scrapbookers think so. The new Cricut Expression model is much larger than the previous version. It is designed primarily for use on a table or inside a media room or office, perhaps at a school, crop room or scrapbook store. However, many scrapbookers think it fits just fine in their own personal studios. “I don’t mind it taking up space in … Continue reading

Literacy Through Dance

The other night I had the chance to watch the DVD version of the Patrick Swayze/Lisa Niemi movie “One Last Dance.” I’m not particularly a fan of contemporary dance; I prefer ballroom or ballet, even tap, but this movie fascinated me. The actors were using dance as their means of communication. They were speaking through their bodies. The storyline was perhaps predictable, but the dancing more than made up for that. Through the movements of their arms and legs, we could see what the characters were thinking and feeling. We saw Patrick dancing out his frustration, Lisa experiencing a rebirth … Continue reading