What I Wouldn’t Do If I Were Rich

Guess who didn’t win last week’s $590.5 million Powerball jackpot? That’s right. I also didn’t win the subsequent jackpot worth a mere $20 million despite there being a zillion fewer people buying tickets. Because why play when the prize is only 20 million? Clearly, I don’t subscribe to that line of thinking, but I highly encourage the rest of the world to do so, as I need all the help I can get to bolster my odds of winning. I’m a working parent, after all. A very not rich mom who will likely die without ever being able to afford … Continue reading

Summer Lovin’ for Less

Ah, summer; a time to bond with your loved ones in the great outdoors.  Whether you cherish trips to the beach, enjoy hiking at area parks or prefer barbecuing in your own backyard, the season of sun allows for a ton of fun. The key to making the most of summer vacation is to find activities that fit your family’s budget.  Whether you are pinching pennies or have some extra cash to burn, top tourist destinations are hoping you will spend some time in their neck of the woods. For example, San Diego is pulling out all the stops to … Continue reading

Stretch Your Dollar at Sea

Royal Caribbean is giving travelers more bang for their buck on the high seas.  The cruise line is getting ready to unveil its most extravagant vessels to date. The new Quantum of the Seas will feature a giant glass capsule connected to a mechanical arm that transports passengers high above the water similar to the London Eye.  Only, you won’t have to fork over an extra $25 per person to ride it.  Rather, a spin on the spectacular attraction will come at no additional charge to any of the 4,180 passengers who book a trip on the massive ship. Royal … Continue reading

Frugal Seasonal Family Getaways

If you can deal with dirty looks from your kid’s teacher, then consider heading off on a pre-Christmas getaway.  Families working with a tight budget, who want to sneak in a winter vacation before Santa Claus comes to town, must act now. Dozens of family-friendly vacation destinations are offering money-saving deals for clans who complete their travel before Christmas Eve, including: California:  Don’t wait to do Disney during your child’s winter break from school.  Rather, if you want to save big on hotel accommodations, travel during the first three weeks of December.  That’s when you will find deals like the … Continue reading

Cranberry Madness In Massachusetts

Did you know 27% of the world’s cranberries come from Massachusetts? It’s not exactly the best-known statistic around, but it’s a fact residents of the state are proud of nonetheless. The cranberry industry is Massachusetts’ number one agricultural crop, according to the Cape Cod Cranberry Growers Association. What’s more, leaders of the growers association maintain that Massachusetts is where the cranberry industry was born. Which means if you plan to visit the area during harvest season you are in for a real treat. In the early autumn months the New England state best known for its ties to American history … Continue reading

What Are Your Summer Vacation Plans?

Are you planning to take the kids to Disney World or are you opting to travel to Hawaii or the Bahamas with just your spouse? Has the slumping economy forced you to stay closer to home, or is this the summer you finally take your dream European vacation? According to a new American Express survey, the family vacation is alive and well, and the current economy is not putting the brakes on summer travel plans. So, where do you stack up against survey respondents? According to the study, more than half of 2,000 adults questioned will be traveling with their … Continue reading

Destinations for Daring Travelers

You don’t have to be daring to tour New York City’s Museum of Modern Art, unless you are a parent with a young child, who decides to visit the legendary art institute during a nude exhibition. Ironically, it’s not the naked models you have to worry about. Rather, it’s the perverted patrons, who are touching the nude performers that you’ll want to shield your kids’ eyes from. According to museum officials, more than a dozen visitors have been escorted out of the gallery after pushing, prodding, and poking nude performers. The performers are part of Marina Abramovic’s new exhibition highlighting … Continue reading

Who is the Vacation Planner in Your Home?

Nine weeks and counting until school ends and summer vacation begins. I know this because my kindergartner recently commandeered my black Sharpie and is diligently drawing huge “Xs” on my calendar in anticipation of the end of the school year. My daughter has already created a long list of places she wants to visit this summer. Most of them are family favorites, including Six Flags Great America, the water park, the Children’s Museum, Summerfest, the State Fair and Chicago. I typically take her list and try to accommodate her wishes after I view our family calendar and budget. Apparently, I … Continue reading

More Family-Friendly Christmas Displays

Who says you have to spend a ton of money or travel to the far ends of the planet to view fabulous holiday light shows? Christmas displays are a dime a dozen this time of year, and most don’t require draining your wallet to enjoy. Hundreds of communities from coast-to-coast erect awe-inspiring seasonal showcases to inspire Christmas goodness. The following festive displays are among the nation’s most popular: Atlanta: Macy’s Great Tree at Lenox Square Mall is a stunning piece of holiday craftsmanship. The towering tree is festooned with hundreds of lights and serves as the backdrop for many family … Continue reading

Family-Friendly Christmas Displays

My neighbor’s 8-foot tall inflatable snowman didn’t survive last night’s blizzard. The nearly two feet of snow and 35 mph sustained winds that ripped through our rural Wisconsin neighborhood proved too much for Frosty to take. Such a shame. The snowman is just a small part of an elaborate Christmas display that our neighbor painstakingly erects each year. His holiday light show has all the pizzazz associated with professional displays put on by major cities, only on a slightly smaller scale. If you are looking to take in the sights and sounds of the season this month, consider visiting the … Continue reading