Playing the Numbers Game

It’s dinnertime and you’re frantically scrambling to get your three kids under six years old fed before you have to get the oldest to his soccer game and the middle one to the barber.  You swing into McDonald’s, order, squeeze into a booth, divvy up a 20-piece McNuggets amongst your offspring, and then quickly shove the first meal of your day down your gullet. What’s the last thing you’re thinking about during this manic mealtime? Well, other than wondering if Kate Middleton is breastfeeding Prince George. That’s right; calories. Those numbers, which are now posted on many restaurant menus in … Continue reading

Could Fast Food Increase Allergy Related Conditions?

We have heard, many times, about a connection between fast food and obesity. Could it also link to childhood asthma and eczema? That is what a group of researchers have determined after taking a close look at global disease and dietary patterns. I don’t think that there are any parents out there who truly believe that fast food is a healthy, wonderful, choice for dinner every single night. (Or, at least, there shouldn’t be). We have all heard it said that too much fast food can cause several different types of health problems, in both adults and children. One of … Continue reading

McDonalds New Menu Items (Wendy’s and Burger King, Too)

McDonalds New Menu Items McDonald’s has some new menu items, and so do its competitors. There is a big push this month to get people coming into the restaurant with more variety and better pricing. In this economy, even fast food restaurants are concerned. Many families are choosing not to eat out as often, and that includes eating at McDonald’s and other fast food restaurants. In 2013, I am making an effort to make sure that our family stays purposeful when it comes to eating out. I’d like to eliminate those too tired to cook moments, as well as the … Continue reading

Places to Play

The temperature has consistently been over 90 degrees in our area of North Texas for weeks. It’s not even mid-June yet and we’re sweltering. I love the heat, but it’s not the best to be out in for long periods of time. I’ve written about how our lack of a fence limits how Jessie can play outside. This leaves me looking for safe places where Jessie can play. I took Jessie to the park in the middle of our small town. We didn’t stay long because the play equipment was geared toward older children instead of toddlers. This was very … Continue reading

Fast Food is the Devil

Okay, I wrote my title tongue-in-cheek because I love fast food as much as the next person and quite possibly more. And, it isn’t just fast food that is bad for us because sit-down restaurant food can be just as bad. You can eat out, but you need to be careful and think about what you are putting in your mouth, which is something you should be doing at home as well. A friend of mine moaned about dieting because he couldn’t have fries. Well, you shouldn’t have fries, but you can, just don’t get the 1/2 pound supersized bucket … Continue reading

Breakfast for Dinner

If you want to save some money on your grocery bill, try this trick. It really does work! Last night for dinner, I cooked up some chicken sausage and scrambled eggs with cheese. It was a filling meal containing lots of protein, and cost so much less to prepare than a traditional meal. And while it is true that the price of breakfast staples, such as eggs and flour have gone up, the reality is that is is still usually cheaper to eat breakfast than it is to eat dinner. Just go into any restaurant, if you don’t believe me. … Continue reading

Free Fast Food Today (and Cheap Food, too)

Is it the fast food industry’s awareness of growing food prices or just a publicity stunt? Perhaps it is a little of both. Since the industry knows that most of us are struggling or at least appalled at food prices, why not offer something free or economical to keep them on our mind? You may have read my earlier article that talked about the Fast Food Recession Menu and how you can benefit from certain bargains that can be found at fast food restaurants. But lately, it seems that many of these places are getting very noticed by frugal people, … Continue reading

Brangelina’s Very Greasy Christmas

If Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are trying to convince fans that they are as down-home as the next family they’re doing a great job. Watching video of how the Jolie-Pitt’s spent their holiday sure made me feel closer to them. Various news channels have been milking the video of Pitt driving a white Nissan minivan through a McDonald’s drive-thru in New Orleans on Christmas Day. According to employees there, the actor turned father of four picked up Happy Meals for his entire pint-sized brood. But, team Jolie-Pitt’s fast food frenzy didn’t stop there. The day after Christmas the entire … Continue reading

No More Eating Out

A challenge in and of itself for our family, but one that we stuck to for over two months, was our family challenge of no more eating out. I am not going to pretend that we didn’t eat out for two whole months, but we did cut it down so much that at most we are eating out once a week. This is usually on the weekends. What was the purpose of trying this experiment? Several reasons actually, which I would like to take a moment to explain. Health and Fat Intake The first reason, was to cut back on … Continue reading

Bacon Cheeseburger Diet?

Recently, there was an article about a British woman who lost 70 pounds and credits the weight loss to bacon cheeseburgers. I’d like to talk about that. A cheeseburger does not have to be a bad for you food. OK, if you roll up to Carl’s Jr., McDonald’s or Burger King, it is a pretty safe guess that whatever burger gets handed to you through the window is going to be bad for you. You can count on that! And how many people order burgers from fast food joints without some fries on the side? Don’t even get me started … Continue reading