Top Five Favorite Scrapbooking Album Companies

Albums are a definite must have supply for scrapbooking. Without them, there certainly would be no scrapbook, and with them, you have a beautiful legacy to pass along. Do you struggle to find an album that works for you? I recently took a poll on my website to find out what the top scrapbooking album companies were. The poll listed ten popular scrapbooking supply companies that carry albums and over 390 votes came in. I did not include an “other” category, simply because that wouldn’t help in discovering the top five. The poll was set up so that you could … Continue reading

A Poll of Favorite Frugal Blogs from 2007

There is a vast difference in what those that seek out frugal ideas are looking for. Some people want ideas to save money long term, some immediate and some are looking for ways to simply cut costs and live a more simple and frugal lifestyle. Several weeks ago, I contacted some frugal friends (17 to be exact) of mine. Some have frugal blogs, some are my real life friends and still others responded to my e-mail plea. I asked them to go back through 2007 (January through October) and figure out what their very favorite articles were for each month. … Continue reading

Monday Layout Challenge: Favorite Things in Fall

Fall is swirling all around me at this point. Leaves are changing, the air is crisper and and windier, and I am burning my pumpkin spice candles. So, my house is colder, decorated for fall and is filled with that beautiful Autumn scent. I absolutely love this time of year, more than any other season. Today’s Challenge: This week’s layout challenge is all about this wonderful season, and everything you love (or hate) about it. Perhaps it is the beauty of the season that you love. Or maybe it is the scents that are famous for this time of year. … Continue reading

My Favorite Blog

I had an interesting moment of reflection after talking to my son last night. It was a simple thing, really, but it struck me. Kyle, who just turned fourteen, was playing his vintage “Super Nintendo” System (remember those?) and I stopped to watch him for a while. He has quite a large collection of games, and always wants new ones for his birthday and Christmas. (I have to buy them from special game stores or order them from e-bay.) After several minutes of watching him play, I asked, “Kyle, which of all these games is your favorite?” He thought for … Continue reading