10 Tips to Break out of the Marriage Rut

Sometimes we in our marriages we can become stuck in a rut. Everyday goes by exactly the same , we do everything exactly the same , we might have meals at the same times, go to work at the same time, go to bed at the same time, even make love at the same times. Marriage can, if we’re not a careful, become ho hum – stuck in a groove and boring. So what can you do about to? Read on and find out. The last couple of days I’ve had a song stuck in my head that won’t go … Continue reading

My Favorite Things

I’m sure many of you remember the song My Favorite Things from The Sound of Music with its raindrops on roses etc. I thought I’d share some of my favorite things. Living where I live and belonging to the church that God has brought us to. Sunlight shimmering on water, as it was this morning when we passed the beach. Walking on the beach. Sunsets and waterfalls (Surely two of God’s most amazing creations that I never tire of looking at) My bible which is a workbook for living and filled with dates, answers to prayer, highlighted verses and underlines … Continue reading

A Blue Home May Make You Lose Weight

If you find yourself hungry all of the time, consider painting and accessorizing with blue. Experts tell us that the color has real influence over our appetites. Blue kitchens, blue dining rooms, blue tablecloths, blue plates and blue napkins can help us fee full. How does this work? A color theory professor explains that our brains are turned off by the association of the color blue and food. Food generally does not come in blue (even blueberries are mostly purple). When food is blue in nature, it generally means that the food is spoiled with mold and may contain harmful … Continue reading

See Who’s Getting Oprah’s “Favorite Things”

I have always dreamed of being in the audience during Oprah Winfrey’s annual “Favorite Things” show. After all, who wouldn’t want to be the recipient of tens of thousands of dollars worth of luxurious goodies that the divine Miss O personally owns? Once the gift-giving extravaganza became an annual event, tickets to that particular show became the most sought after passes in daytime TV. Even Winfrey herself admitted that her own family members would call asking for the coveted tickets to her “Favorite Things” show. A couple of years ago, Winfrey wised up and began hand-selecting audience members for her … Continue reading

My Favorite Blog

I had an interesting moment of reflection after talking to my son last night. It was a simple thing, really, but it struck me. Kyle, who just turned fourteen, was playing his vintage “Super Nintendo” System (remember those?) and I stopped to watch him for a while. He has quite a large collection of games, and always wants new ones for his birthday and Christmas. (I have to buy them from special game stores or order them from e-bay.) After several minutes of watching him play, I asked, “Kyle, which of all these games is your favorite?” He thought for … Continue reading

All About Me: Favorite Things

We all have a list of things that we just cannot imagine not having in our lives. It can be a big thing like our family, and it can be the small things like the smell of autumn. Rebecca Sower, a scrapbooking icon, created a wonderful layout several years ago depicting her favorite things. She started the trend and it has continued every year. Following in Rebecca’s footsteps, why don’t you take some time to create a layout commemorating fifty to one hundred things that you love. Think about your favorite things. What’s your favorite food, or clothing? Do you … Continue reading

Motivate Yourself: 5 Reasons to Smile

We all get down. We all feel overwhelmed and stressed. In fact, feelings like depression, upset, anger and nervousness are all pretty normal. It’s how we cope with those feelings that can help us define the difference between success and failure in our personal choices and fitness programs. When I was younger and I would struggle with these feelings, I would think – of all things – of movie The Sound of Music and the song Julie Andrews sang: A Few of My Favorite Things and truthfully, as cliché as it sounds – then I didn’t feel so bad. So … Continue reading