Pregnancy Dreams: What Do They Mean?

When I was pregnant I kept having the most terrifying dream. I was on the delivery table in the hospital. Bright lights were shining down on me and the doctors and nurses were scurrying around as I prepared to give birth. I sat up enough to see the top of the baby’s head emerge, covered in dark hair. Suddenly, the child’s hands crept up around his head. The fingers had claws and he used them to pull himself out, exposing his monstrous face and gnashing teeth. He started biting me and growling, scaring the nurses and the doctors. One of … Continue reading

How to Deal with Fears and Worry

We all have times when we are afraid. Years ago someone told me the antidote to fear is prayer. Certainly that has been proved true in my life time and time again. By nature, I admit I am a worrier. It seems to come naturally to me – the instinctive reaction. Therefore it takes a concerted effort to train myself not to worry but to hand the situation to God in prayer. Even then, there is always the temptation to take it back again. I’ve needed to learn to leave it with Him to work out and every time I … Continue reading

What Are You Afraid Of?

Fears are something most of us struggle with. Some of our fears are irrational and we don’t understand where they came from or how to deal with them. It might be a fear of sudden death, heights, spiders, darkness, and mice as some people have mentioned in the forum. Others may have some root cause in childhood or past experiences e.g. a fear of water after nearly drowning. The Bible tells us ‘perfect love casts out fear,’ 1 John 4:18. If we trust in the Lord then we should be able to seek His help in dealing with those fears … Continue reading

Fear of Death

In the forums we have been discussing fears. Beth recently wrote a blog about people’s fear of death. At the time I suggested ‘To have assurance of a life beyond death makes all the difference in the way it is approached.’ Beth wasn’t convinced ‘Possibly so, but I know many people who would consider themselves to be religious and yet cannot face talking about their own mortality. I guess it is often a case of “everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die!” Yet I know some people who have their funeral all planned, right down to … Continue reading

How God Calmed Fears

Any woman who has ever been for a mammogram, knows the feelings it arouses and the waiting on tenterhooks till the letter saying all is clear arrives. Imagine this. You open the letter and read you are being called back for further X rays and tests. Your heart misses a beat or two. Your eyes blur. You decide you must have read it wrongly. But the words stay stubbornly the same. Yet there is a sense in which you are not surprised at all. Even though you have no symptoms, discovered no lumps or changes, there is a feeing of … Continue reading

Helping Your Baby Manage the Fear of New Things 2

Yesterday I shared a little bit about the how and why babies can be fearful of new things, even those things that you want them to experience. I also mentioned how my own toddler who loves water in every form he has encountered so far (he doesn’t even mind when water gets in his face from a shower or sprinkler) seemed to loathe the beach. Now I’ll tell you more about how we decided to take the supportive approach with him and this fear. That first day at the beach, we arrived to it in the afternoon. It was a … Continue reading

Are Someone Else’s Fears Getting in the Way of Your Business?

We have talked about how our fears can inhibit our business operations–whether we are afraid of success or failure, or have other fears that keep us from reaching our full potential. What we have not really talked about here in the Home Business blog is how to work with SOMEONE ELSE’S fears. Often it is not our own fears, but ones that come from our parents, friends, partner or spouse that actually create those negative voices that hold us back. The thing is, we might not even realize that we are carrying around someone else’s fears and insecurities about our … Continue reading

Success can be Scary

There is a reason so many people cite a fear of success as being one of the things that holds them back. For many people that unsure feeling of impending change can be a big deterrent–even if that change is for the better. When it comes to our home businesses, we might find that the fear of success is the scariest thing, and the biggest roadblock to our moving forward. Why is it that success can be so frightening to many of us? The truth is, we get comfortable where we are, we get used to things the way they … Continue reading

Single Parent Dating—Are You Afraid, or Just Being Practical?

What’s fear got to do with it, you may be asking, but let us be honest here, dating as a single parent can be a complicated and confusing thing (task, endeavor, or adventure?) We want to get it right, but we only have a limited amount of time and energy. We want to learn from past mistakes and we would really like to avoid making the same ones, but we might be trying so hard to avoid pain that we don’t even want to get back in the pool. We tell ourselves that we are just being reasonable and practical—but … Continue reading

Are They Really “Unreasonable” Fears?

Somewhere around two years old or so, many children seem to suddenly develop what we parents think are “unreasonable” fears. A happy-go-lucky child will suddenly cry every time mom or dad leaves his sight, a favored stuffed animal or toy will become scary, or other strange and unnamed fears will pop up. As parents, we may vacillate between concern and frustration—what on earth is going on?! In truth, all sorts of developmental things are going on that contribute to these very real fears. Our children start to develop an imagination and have enough life experience to contribute to imagining and … Continue reading