Encourage Participation

It is one thing to garner feedback from our customers and clients and encourage them to tell us what they think of our business operations. It is quite another to get our customers and clients involved with our businesses on a participation level. The more engaged individuals are, however, the more likely they are to be good, loyal customers and help us build our business where we want to take them. What does it mean to encourage participation? It is going to depend on the exact sort of business that you are operating as to what sort of participation can … Continue reading

Feedback Changes at EBay Worry Sellers

The user feedback system at EBay will be changing, and it has a lot of sellers worried. Will you be affected by the changes? In an earlier article, I wrote about some of the listing fee changes that EBay was instituting in an effort to get more sellers online and listing their goods. (If you missed that earlier article, you can click here to read it. EBay Slashes Fees!) Now on February 20th, there will be additional changes, this time having to do with leaving feedback. The feedback system, allowing buyers and sellers to rate each other, has been in … Continue reading

Taking Criticism With a Grain of Salt

I hate being criticized. As Zen as I try to be in so many areas of my life, I really do not take criticism well—especially when someone criticizes me for something I didn’t really want to do anyway! As thick-skinned and as level-minded as I try to be, getting notes, e-mails, phone calls, etc. of criticism can set me aback. I have to work on being able to take criticism with a grain of salt… Criticism can be extremely helpful, of course. We know that getting feedback from customers, clients, colleagues, etc. can help us to make necessary improvements to … Continue reading

A Question A Week

I was sitting at home this morning, busy getting ready for the day, when an odd thought popped into my head, “How many of my readers work at home? How many of them work in an office?” As much as I love this writing job, I usually don’t walk around my house wondering about my readers. And this morning, I realized that was awfully one-sided of me. I should know more about my readers; I want to know more about my readers. So I started to think about all sorts of questions and topics that I would love to get … Continue reading

Paying Attention to the World Around Us

I just finished reading an absolutely stunning article about Joshua Bell, one of the leading violinists of the world. I am cheating by posting this article on here because I know it doesn’t strictly have to do with Jobs, except I like to think that one, Joshua is in fact “working” (he is playing his violin) and two, the mastery of the writing of this article makes me want to be a better writer (which is my job.) The old saying goes, “If I could write half as good as he does, I would be set for life!” Let me … Continue reading

Would You Like a Q and A in the Home Blog?

Some of the blogs here at Families.com are beginning to incorporate Question and Answer sections or advice columns into their regular offerings. Would you like to see something similar here in the Home Blog? You can respond by either leaving a comment or sending a private message. Marjorie, Michele, and I can put our heads together or research the answers to your questions, or we could each offer tips and advice. This is how it might work: If you have a question, you would send a private message or email. We would use your question in an upcoming article, but … Continue reading

The WRONG Way to Praise Your Child

Is there ever a wrong way to praise your son or daughter? Every child needs to hear that he or she is loved, appreciated, and good at something. Giving your child positive feedback can build confidence, self-esteem, and create an ongoing desire to keep trying. However, if you’re not careful, your compliments can have the opposite result. Praise requires balance to be effective. Here are three “don’ts” when it comes to praising your child: Don’t use the same phrase over and over again. Saying “Good girl,” repeatedly sounds like training language for a dog. Even “good job,” “awesome,” or “wow” … Continue reading

Developing an Eye Catching Resume

The important thing to remember when creating your resume is that yours will be competing with many, many others. You need to do whatever you can to make sure that yours stands out and gets noticed. Getting your resume noticed is the first step towards being called for the interview that you want. Spending extra time to make sure your resume is just right is definitely worth it. Here are some things to keep in mind when you are writing your resume: Lots of White Space Don’t feel like you have to fill in every bit of space on your … Continue reading