Top Ten Pregnancy Milestones (Part 2)

As promised, here are your top five pregnancy milestones: 5. First time dad feels a kick How many times have you felt the baby move from the outside, placed the dad-to-be’s hand on the spot, only to have the baby stop moving? The first time he finally does feel the baby’s kicks, it’s a big deal! Something about feeling a baby’s movements makes everything seem so much more real. For some guys, this will be the first time he really connects with his child. 4. First heartbeat Raise your hand if you cried the first time you heard your baby’s … Continue reading

Feeling Baby’s Hiccups

During my first three pregnancies, I would hear mothers to be talking about baby’s hiccups. They talked about feeling the baby hiccup. I never felt it. Not even once in three pregnancies. I looked for it too, but it just never happened. I first felt a baby hiccup when I was pregnant with our son. Before I felt our baby hiccup, I wondered if I had just missed it with the three girls. Somehow, I doubted it. I usually feel every movement and am pretty conscious of their movements. When I felt our son hiccup, I knew I had never … Continue reading