Choosing The Right Film

Choosing the right film for the lighting, time of day and activity or event, can be a real challenge. With all the different types of film available, it’s like a big jumble of information. However, it’s not as hard as it looks. The three most popular print film speeds are 400, 200 and 100. All camera’s are equipped to handle these three speeds. However, there are other films out there. There’s some that are 1000 or greater, and some that have a name like Kodak Gold Max. As a scrapbooker, I often recommend using Kodak Gold Max film. It seem … Continue reading

Lens and Film Speeds

Film and lens speeds are similar to shutter speeds. When someone refers to the speed of a lens, it refers to the smallest number f-stop the lens has. A lens whose smallest f-stop number is 1.2, for example, is “faster” than a lens with the smallest number of 5.6. This is because it has the ability to allow more light through the lens since it can open wider (remember, the larger the opening, the smaller the f-stop number). Film that is said to be “fast” is film that requires less light for proper exposure. ISO 800 film, for instance, is … Continue reading