Finding Scrapbook Sketches Online

My favorite place to get inspiration is online. There are hundreds of websites that offer layout ideas and inspiration. I am addicted to sketches so finding the best sites to get great sketches was important to me. There are dozens of great sites that have sketches, but these are my favorites. Scrap Maps This is probably one of my favorite sites, because it is categorized perfectly, and its as simple as clicking on what you are looking for. A great site! Sketch Me If You Can This is a blog, but she has dozens of beautiful sketches to use. Scrapbook … Continue reading

Where To Find The Best Sketches for Your Scrapbooking Layouts

Sketches make scrapbooking fast, period. Just choose the photographs you want on a layout and find a layout depicting that number of photos. You can choose our own papers, embellishments and other coordinating pieces to your layout, but the design is basically done for you. You just gotta love sketches! So how do you find all the wonderful sketches available to you? There are dozens of places to look. Find Them in Scrapbook Magazines Magazines are a great place to get sketches. Typically they have sketch ideas and then sample layouts. It is an easy place to find them, and … Continue reading

Saving Money on Magazines

Magazines can be costly. Especially when you factor in the fact that most of them are monthly, with some even being weekly. So how do you enjoy your magazines, but save some money while doing it? It’s not that difficult, but in some situations, you might have to spend a little to save a little. Share If you have friends or a neighbor, that enjoy the same hobby or style of magazines, share them. Ask around to friends, relatives and neighbors to see what types of magazines they are buying. Then offer some of the ones that you have as … Continue reading

Finding and Using Scrapbooking Message Boards

Every scrapbooker desires to share their passion with others. Not only to spread the word about their addiction, but to also connect and grow friendships with other scrapbookers. Being able to share your hobby with someone else, or several someone elses, can be rewarding to say the very least. Scrapbooking message boards have cropped up, pardon the pun, all over the Internet. A simple search will find you dozens of sites, where you can go and get just about any type of scrapbooking information from regular scissor and paper scrapbooking to digital. While there are several very popular scrapbooking message … Continue reading

Garage Sales: How and Where To Find Them

Garage sales are everywhere at this time of year. And even if they aren’t called garage sales, you will see them possibly advertised as yard sales, church sales, rummage sales, tag sales, sidewalk sales and even moving sales. Regardless of what they are called in your area, they are a terrific option for purchasing second hand or used items that still have a lot of life in them. But how do you know when they are happening? Where do you find these treasure filled spots? It would be the opposite of frugal to aimlessly drive around looking for garage sale … Continue reading

More Places To Find Scrapbook Stuff

As I mentioned yesterday, sometimes you can find supplies in places that weren’t made for scrapbookers. Some stores now have small scrapbook sections or carry items that might not be for scrapbooking but could easily be adapted and used. Here are three more obscure places to find scrapbook supplies. Dollar Stores This is one of those things that you might get lucky, but then you might strike out. We have several dollar stores in our area that have a very small scrapbook section, however what they offer usually isn’t found anywhere else I’ve seen. I’ve gotten some cool packs of … Continue reading