Exercise: It’s Good for the Heart

Most of us have already failed miserably at keeping our New Year’s Resolutions, according to the radio this morning at least 80% of us have given up on them already. This is pretty typical after the first week or two, but even if you’ve struggled with them a little so far, you have a whole year to perfect them so don’t give up hope! This year one of my many resolutions was to start exercising again. I, like most people, put on a few extra pounds during the holidays. When you have kids around there seems to be an endless … Continue reading

Finding the Chill

It’s been a busy few days. Let me rephrase that: it’s been an insanely busy few days. It’s been so busy that we’ve barely been able to function. Well, all right, my daughter went to her grandparents’ house today while I worked a 12+ hour day, so her day went well. This morning I was in a foul mood. I was feeling sick and I was not looking forward to said 12 hour day. However, I thought back to yesterday. It was also a busy day (see a pattern here), but for a brief moment my daughter and I stopped … Continue reading

Scrapbooking Time Management Tips

One of the largest complaints I hear from scrapbook supply collectors, aka scrapbookers, is that they have a difficult time finding time, or making time to scrapbook. This can be a real problem when you have loads of photographs to scrapbook and you keep taking more. But there are a few ways you can combat this issue. Organization – The first step to good time management is simply to get organized. Give all of your scrapbooking supplies and tools a home. Everything should have a place. And in addition to that, organizing your photographs should be a priority too. Lists … Continue reading

Scrapbooking Through The Holidays

Many times people get so busy during the holidays, that they forget to take time for themselves. This is actually what leads to stress and anxiety during the holiday season. With a hobby like ours, scrapbooking, we have a wonderful way to combat the stress and anxiety. Here are a few tips to be sure that you are busy scrapbooking through the entire holiday season. Make Time – This cannot be said enough. You have to set time aside to scrapbook. Even if you can only accomplish one page, or you only have enough time to gather the pictures and … Continue reading