Fourth of July Pet Safety

On Friday one of the DJ’s for my local radio station mentioned upcoming Fourth of July celebrations, and she warned dog owners about fireworks. She said that she sees more fliers go up for missing dogs on July 5 than just about any other day of the year, all because of the fireworks noise. It’s something that never occurred to me, but it makes a lot of sense. Depending on where you live and how loud noise from fireworks might be in your yard, Independence Day, while fun for us humans, could prove frightening for our pets. If you keep … Continue reading

Digital Cameras, Fireworks Photographs and Scrapbooking

Capturing the fireworks on the Fourth of July or any other holiday, can be extremely difficult. Not many camera’s are designed to take the magnificent photographs you see in books and magazines. A digital camera makes it even harder, as the pictures tend to turn out grainy and unfocused in low light. Most scrapbooker’s that I have talked to, have admitted that one, they wish they had a picture or two of fireworks to include on their Fourth of July layouts. And two, that they knew how to take a better picture of the fireworks. So I’d like to teach … Continue reading