Chinese New Year Fun

Gong Hey Fat Choy! Happy 4710! You don’t have to be Chinese or have Chef Chu’s on speed dial in order to celebrate this festive event.  Today kicks off Chinese New Year, a holiday commemorated with fireworks, feasts and plenty of family fun. Chinese New Year is celebrated for 15 days until the Chinese Lantern Festival.  This gives you two full weeks to ring in the Year of the Snake with your loved ones.  Even kids can get in on the action by creating these simple and affordable Chinese New Year-themed crafts: Dancing Lion:  If you can’t make it to … Continue reading

My Dog is a Better Man than Most Humans

Just about every night before I go to bed, I take my dogs for a last walk. Sometimes it’s just a short run outside; sometimes it’s a longer stroll through the apartment complex or around the block. Since I’d been out of the house a lot today, I figured the pups deserved a longer walk tonight. I decided we’d walk around the outside of the apartment complex — lately I’ve been avoiding the paths inside the complex since my dog Lally can be skittish around kids. We were halfway around when a large white SUV came roaring by. Someone was … Continue reading

Let the Fireworks Begin!

Last night around nine o’clock, somebody started in with the fireworks. I live across the street from the local high school and middle school, and there’s lots of open space available between the sports fields and parking lots. Through the open window, I could hear the crackle of the fireworks, followed by a whole lot of hooting and hollering. Right around the same time I was hearing the beginnings of Fourth of July celebrations, a friend posted on her blog about her dog’s reaction to fireworks. Not fear — as is a common reaction to fireworks and other loud noises … Continue reading

Digital Cameras, Fireworks Photographs and Scrapbooking

Capturing the fireworks on the Fourth of July or any other holiday, can be extremely difficult. Not many camera’s are designed to take the magnificent photographs you see in books and magazines. A digital camera makes it even harder, as the pictures tend to turn out grainy and unfocused in low light. Most scrapbooker’s that I have talked to, have admitted that one, they wish they had a picture or two of fireworks to include on their Fourth of July layouts. And two, that they knew how to take a better picture of the fireworks. So I’d like to teach … Continue reading